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Breaking and Entering Law Missouri

Entering a person's home without their permission, or staying there for an extended length of time without their knowledge is termed as trespassing, and is illegal. In a similar manner, entering into someone's home without their permission, even if it is simply pushing their door open, is counted as breaking and entering. In the very least, the act of breaking and entering is counted as a misdemeanor, according to Missouri breaking and entering law.

Notices On Breaking and Entering Law in Missouri

In the state of Missouri, breaking and entering law is only valid if there is an actual notice served to the trespasser in order to deter them from entering the restricted area. As per the breaking and entering law, the different markers that people should include to signify personal property include:
  • Installing a fence around the property, especially to keep out trespassers.
  • Orally communicating to the other person to not illegally enter the property.
  • Having a sign that states "No Trespassing," and is installed in a place that is visible to all.
Breaking and Entering Law

In addition, the breaking and entering laws of Missouri also state that any land which is marked with purple paint is explicitly stated to be a "no trespassing" zone. Property marked with purple paint could include the following:
  • Real property colored with purple paint.
  •  Purple paint marked on trees or posts on the property.
  • There are several conditions for painting on the property. The accused cannot be held liable for trespassing if the owner of the property did not follow the rules of marking the paint.
  • The paint must be at least 3 feet to 5 feet off the ground.
  • They showed be positioned in a way that makes them available to anyone who enters the property.
  • The purple paint cannot be more than 100 feet apart from each other.
If any of the rules are not followed, or the individual entered from a position where they could not see the purple paint, then they cannot be held liable for breaking and entering. Punishment of breaking and entering law only occurs if the individual entered the property despite viewing the purple paint.

Punishment for Breaking and Entering in Missouri

Generally, breaking and entering laws in the state of Missouri is classified as an offense, and the accused are punished as such. Different factors determine the charge and the penalties that will be borne by the individual. The punishment for breaking and entering in Missouri are as follows:

An individual will be accused of trespassing in the second degree if they are entering the owner's property without their permission or their knowledge. Trespassing in the second degree is termed as an "offense of absolute liability," meaning that the property does not necessarily have to have purple paint or have a fence to be marked against trespassers. An individual accused of breaking and entering in the second degree will have to pay a fine of up to $200

Breaking and Entering Law Missouri

Trespassing in the First Degree

An individual convicted of trespassing in the first degree will have to commit any one of the following offenses:
  •  Entering property which is marked with purple paint, despite seeing the markings.
  • Entering a property that has a very visible "Do Not Enter" sign near the main entrance or any other exits.
  • Entering a property that has been fenced with a clear intention of keeping trespassers out.
  • Entering a property despite knowing that it is restricted and illegal, and refusing to leave despite being told to do so.
  • Any individual convicted of trespassing in the first degree will be convicted of a Class B Misdemeanor, which entails prison time up to six months, and a fine of up to $500.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!