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Breaking and Entering Law Montana

Let us understand the breaking and entering law of Montana, USA. Montana has very strict laws for breaking and entering.

A theft in Montana occurs when a person tries to:

  • Get illegal control over another property,
  • Takes possession of a person’s property by deception or cheating.
  • Gets control over stolen property.
  • Illegal control over public assistance or other advantage offered by a county or state through false representation or a fraud scheme.
  • Commits insurance fraud, wrong insurance premium, gets small business health insurance premium incentive or assists in payments when not permitted to get such a payment.

Montana Title 45

Montana has strict laws to remain in premises unlawfully.

When a person enters or is present on a vehicle in an illegal manner, a proper structure, or a place when he is not licensed, called for or privileged. A person cannot enter a place without the permission of the landowner or an authorized person to deny entry into a personal land. Even if the person has been permitted to enter the land, but the permission is revoked, he can’t enter the premises.

For successful posting of personal land through which the general public has no entry, the notice for sub-section must fulfill the below requirements:

Breaking and Entering Law

  • Such notice must be put up on a structure, post or a natural object by marking it with a written statement or maximum 50 square inches of fluorescent orange color, with the exception of a metal fence post. The whole post has to be painted.
  • The notice for entry permission as described in section 2(a) has to be placed at the outer gate and normal access point of the property. These include both sides of the water body, which crosses the premises where the water body intersects the outer boundary.
  • To offer efficient posting of personal land through which or along which, people have an unfenced way through a public road, the landowner must:
  • Put a noticeable sign as far as 30 feet of the centreline of the road, where it enters the personal land. The words “Private property and no trespassing off-road next... Miles” or
  • Put up a notice as per subsection 2(a), as far as 30 feet of the centreline of the road at continuous intervals of at least ¼th mile across the road where the border of the unfenced personal land, with the exception of orange markings, won’t be put up on posts where the public enters the private land.
  • If the private property is posted in the significant compliance with section 2 or 3, it is not permissible for the general public, unless the owner gives special permission. The land owner’s authorized agent can also give such permission.
  • Parks and departments of animals and fish make an attempt to inform and educate all people holding fishing, hunting or trapping permits or licenses by including a publication connected with issuing permits and licenses in consolidated form. This section prevents entry in private land. This department provides information to the public by means of media and also its own publications. The department may distribute posting signs which satisfy the provisions of subsection 3.
Breaking and Entering Law Montana


According to this section, land means land as described in 70-15-102.

The owner does not impose civil liability or owner of the premises because of any so-called privileges.

These are some of the rules and regulations related to breaking and entering in Montana. Thus, we saw that the state has a lengthy rule set of breaking and entering rules.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!