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Nebraska Criminal Records: How to Check and Search Criminal Records in Nebraska

It is a common concern to know about a person background and know his/her criminal records. A background check of a person is important when you suspect someone or when you leave your child at daycare or when you provide your house for rent. Nebraska people have the right to know, about a person. Nebraska criminal records are public.

One can obtain the criminal record either online or offline. Online - by visiting the government sites and offline -from the courthouse or county court clerk. Also, you can know by visiting the local police. Yet, the details provided by the police officials are restricted or limited. You can obtain only basic information on why and when the person was arrested and trial dates.

Websites Providing Information and provide you with the information you are looking for. Both the sites are government sites and they provide authenticate data. provides you with the facility of knowing criminal history reports, court-case searches, and Driver records. Criminal history reports search provides information related to the fingerprint-based arrest. Court case searches provide the information of charges filed in Nebraska trial court and available cases. Driver records provide convictions, withdrawals, and accidents related information. Also, it provides information about the person who has a driver license.

Nebraska Criminal Records Search provides you with all records like criminal, court, vital, and background check. The website ensures that the records are available to the public and easily accessible. Also, you can search the respective records by clicking on the particular link and filling in the details like first name, last name, and city. Moreover, the site provides instant access search. You must fill the details like first name, last name, and city and put a checkmark against the list of records you need to search.

Criminal History Reports

Nebraska provides two types of criminal history reports – name-based and fingerprint-based reports. In name-based criminal history report, the requester must provide name, date of birth, social security number (optional) and maiden name (optional). Fingerprint-based reports provide state and national criminal history.

Restricted Information From Accessing

Nebraska does not provide access to some records based on circumstances they are as follows:

  • In the case where arrest happens charges filled but court dismiss the case on motion of prosecuting attorney
  • In the case of arrest with no charges filled and it result diversion. The record will no longer be available two years after the arrest
  • In the case of arrest with no charges filled and it results from determination of prosecution attorney. The record will no longer be available one year after the arrest

Checks and Search

If you are willing to know the criminal record or background check done of a person. You need to submit the person’s fingerprints along with the authorized signature on authorize form. Yet, depending on the criminal record background check you just need to pay some minimal amount. However, to check if a particular person registered as a sex offender you can do by State Sex Offender Registry.

Criminal Records Search Nebraska

As we mentioned earlier in the article you can search for a person either online or offline. All you need is the person’s legal name and city. Also, you can visit the police station and inquire whether the person arrested anywhere in Nebraska. With online search and check facility, any citizen can access the information at any point of time in a day. All he needs to have a card or an online payment option. The online search facility made convenient for users.

Nebraska Online Criminal Records Search

If you want a quick Nebraska criminal records search, you can perform a search with an online directory that provides public records' data. With this type of directory, you will be able to find criminal records in no time at all, which is why people prefer this service to traditional criminal records search services.

How do you perform an online Nebraska criminal records search? For an online search, you need to provide one identifying detail of the person that you are searching. Most public records search directories provide a name-based search service, a reverse lookup service, a reverse address search, and a reverse email directory. Once you type in one of these details into the directory you chose, it will begin to scan public records to find information about the person in question.

At the end of the scan, you will get a report about the person that you are looking for that includes, among other details, whether they have a criminal record. The report will also include information related to the said person, like their arrest data, convictions, sex offenses, and more.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 19, 2021
Sensitive Information!