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Nevada Criminal Records: How to Check and Search Criminal Records in Nevada

When a person is convicted for criminal activity, it is kept as an official document within the criminal record of the state. In Nevada, when a person is convicted with the criminal charges, his or her criminal records are available for public view. Only the subject can avail the criminal record completely. A report of a person’s criminal background is available online.

The selective third parties such as agencies of law enforcement, authorized agencies of the state, and accepted employers with a written consent letter of the subject can get the complete criminal report of the subject. The information within the criminal records can vary for different persons or the various types of resources used for the collection of information depending on state-level requirements, protocols, organizations, storage categories, and digital procedures.

Procedure to Get Your Criminal Record in Detail

If you are convicted for criminal activity and want to check and search your criminal record, you can to get a copy of your criminal record in the state of Nevada. But, if you want a complete or detail record of your criminal history in Nevada, you will have to search on the website of FBI to get your complete criminal history.

Nevada Criminal Records Search
Procedure to Get Only the Record of your Criminal History in Nevada

When you want to get only the record of your criminal history in Nevada, you have to fill a form of DPS-006(PID) of criminal history record in Nevada and it will help to identify your file request. You can get the form at the website of Nevada Repository. After filling up the form, you will have to submit your fingerprint card originally to proof your identification such as your name, birthplace, and date of birth.

An efficient technician of fingerprint of any local agency of law enforcement can help you to make your fingerprint card. A flat impression of your ten fingers and your signature is required for the DPS form. Apart from this, you will have to include a money order with an amount of $21 or a certified check paid to the Public Safety Department

 State of Nevada Criminal Records
Subjects Included within the Criminal Record in Nevada:

There are several subjects are included within the criminal record in Nevada and some of these subjects are as follows,

  • Arrest record: It contains information about a person who is taken to custody, apprehended or questioned. It also contains information about where the person will be kept in detention or the reasonable ground of detention in case of felonies.
  • Arrest Warrants: These are officially signed documents with the help of which a police officer gets the right to detain a person or seize a person’s property. But you must also remember that in certain cases, the police has a right to arrest a person even if there is no warrant at all.
  • Misdemeanors: There are several types of misdemeanors in the state of Nevada and if the person has committed any of them in their life, it will be listed in their criminal record.
  • Felonies: These are graver offenses and are categorized into several classes. Each of those can get you at least a year in prison with the maximum penalty being a death penalty. Criminal records will contain information about them as well.
  • Serious Traffic Violations: If you have ever caused any serious bodily injury, death or damage to property by violating traffic rules, then your criminal record will show that.
  • Juvenile Criminal Records: If a person commits any crime while he/she was still a minor, then that will constitute his/her juvenile record.

Nevada Online Criminal Records Search

 The easiest and fastest way to perform a criminal records search is to use an online directory that can provide you with access to public records in no time at all. Luckily, there are several websites that you can use for an online Nevada criminal records search, and they all provide a variety of directories. So, if you cannot find Nevada criminal records with one directory, you can simply choose another one.

Then, you need to enter one detail about the person that you are searching into the directory of your choice. That is all. The search engine will do all the searching for you, and you will receive a Nevada criminal records report about the person in question. The data in such reports are collected from official records, so you can be certain that it is accurate and reliable. Also, most public records search directories provide unlimited search services, so you will be able to find Nevada criminal records of several people without paying extra for each search.

Apart from the above-mentioned categories, a person’s criminal record will include every other crime there is. So, in case you are an employer wanting to do a screening of your applicants, a criminal record would be the best way to do so.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 17, 2022
Sensitive Information!