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New Hampshire Domestic Abuse Laws and How to Get Help for Domestic Abuse


Abuse taking place between household or family members may be especially appalling. As such, New Hampshire has in place a proper Domestic Abuse Law to prevent such abuse. Check out the article to know the main Domestic Abuse/Violence Law in New Hampshire.

Domestic Abuse Laws in New Hampshire

Domestic Violence/Abuse in New Hampshire takes place when an individual commits certain violent criminal offenses against a household member, family, spouse or against a person with whom the abuser shared an intimate relationship.

It is possible for police officers to arrest offenders without having arrest warrants although the violence has been committed while no one is in danger. Also, the cop has reasonable cause to acknowledge that the individual has committed some kind of domestic violence.

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What Is Prohibited by the Law?

In New Hampshire, Domestic Violence/Abuse is forbidden. Abuse refers to attempted commission or the commission of any of the following activities by a household or sexual partner or by a formal or current intimate or sexual partner, creating a threat to the safety of the victim:

  • Reckless or assault conduct
  • Cruelty to animals
  • Harassment
  • Destruction of property
  • Interference with freedom
  • Sexual assault, or
  • Criminal threatening

Definition of Household or Family

It means:

  • Former spouses, spouses, persons who earlier cohabitated with one another but do not live in the same home, or are cohabitating with one another, and
  • Parents, as well as, other persons related by being descended from the same ancestors apart from minor kids who stay with the abuser/defendant.

Temporary Relief

In case the plaintiff or victim can prove a present and immediate risk of domestic violence, the judge may issue a temporary protective/restraining order for the victim. Such an order can:

  • Instruct the domestic abuser to handover ammunition or firearms they have in their possession or control while the protective order is valid.
  • Restrain the abuser from abusing the victim.
  • Restrain the accused from entering the home of the plaintiff except when a peace officer accompanies them to remove any personal item.
  • Stop the accused from damaging or withholding the personal property of the plaintiff.
  • Grant custody of minor kids to either party on the basis of what is in the children’s best interest.
  • Refuse the defendant to visit the children of the couple.
  • Award the petitioner to have control of the animal that is owned by the defendant, a minor kid in either household, or the petitioner, and
  • Restrain the accused from abusing or contacting the relatives of the plaintiff, the plaintiff, or the household members of the plaintiff.

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In certain scenarios, when it is necessary to arrange for long-term protection, the judge will award extra protective orders. Although such restraining orders cannot stop the defendant from hurting the plaintiff once again, the victim can at least call the cops and get the abuser arrested in case there is a violation of any of the provision of a protective/restraining order.

New Hampshire Domestic Abuse Statistics

New Hampshire has thirteen crisis centers that serve over 15,000 victims in 2018. Out of them, 9,761 people were identified as suffers from domestic violence/abuse according to the state’s Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence. Domestic Abuse Statistics also reveal that these centers served the maximum number of victims who suffered from domestic violence/abuse and the majority of them were women.

How to Get Help for Domestic Abuse in New Hampshire?

Victims of domestic violence or abuse can approach the New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic And Sexual Violence, which is operating in the state for more than four decades.

Police officers can arrest

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 18, 2022
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