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North Carolina City Crime Rate: Most Committed Crimes and Crime Rate Information for State North Carolina

Situated in the south-western region of the United States of America, North Carolina is the 28th most extensive state in the United States of America.  It has a population of  10,273,419 people making it the 9th most populous state in the U.S.A.

City Overview

Inhabitants of North Carolina are employed in industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, retail, education, accommodation, construction and a few other services which equate to a percentage of 14.1 %, 12.4 %, 11.9 %, 9.2 %, and 7.8 % respectively.

As far as education is concerned, 86.3 % of residents are high school graduates and 29 % of residents have a college degree. A chunk of people still attending college in this state is 6 %.

The per capita income in North Carolina in 2010 was $26,779, which is quite less compared to the national average.

North Carolina like any other state in the U.S., is ethnically rich and people of a variety of racial and ethnic groups stay together in harmony. The highest number of residents is Whites (64 %) which is followed by African Americans (21.2 %). The next in line is the Hispanic population, and they constitute 8.9 %.   A lot of residents in North Carolina have ancestries which include German, Irish, French, English, Italian, and Scots-Irish.

The vast majority of people in North Carolina speak in English (88.7 %) followed by Spanish (7.4 %).

North Carolina City Crime Rate

North Carolina Crime Statistics

Crime statistics and reports of North Carolina are submitted to the State Bureau of Investigation. The stories are made by law enforcement agencies which are spread all across the state of North Carolina. The state Bureau of Investigation hands over the collected data as part of the Unified Crime Reporting Program which is wholly administered by the FBI or Federal Bureau of Investigation.

According to the Annual summary report of 2017 which was submitted to the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation or SBI, the rate of Crime Index offenses as per 100,000 people reported to law enforcement agencies throughout the entire state had decreased by 3.2 percent during 2017 when it was compared to the crime statistics reported in 2016.

Violent crimes in North Carolina include rape, murder, robbery, and aggravated assault. The rate of these violent crimes was reported to have increased by 2.3 percent throughout the state. Individually, there were some shortfalls and increment in the rates of the occurrences of these crimes. They are as follows:

The rate of rape decreased by 2.6 percent and the murder rate decreased by 7.5 percent. However, the robbery rate remained unchanged. But, the rate of aggravated assault increased by 3.9 percent.

North Carolina Crime Rate

Now let us come to property crimes. Property crimes in North Carolina include larceny, burglary, and motor vehicle theft. The rate of these property mentioned above crimes decreased 3.9 percent across the state. Now let us take a look at the behavior of these rates individually.

The rate of larceny was reported to have decreased by 3.2 percent, and the rate for burglary decreased by 7.6 percent. However, the motor vehicle theft rate increased by 5.2 percent. Arson is also a property crime, and the rate of arson in North Carolina grew by 2.0 percent.

The number of arrested juveniles, for Crime Index offenses,  under the age of 18, is reported to have declined by 6 percent in 2017. Also, the number of adults who were arrested for Crime Index offenses also decreased by 6 percent.

Juveniles under the age of 18 who were arrested for violent crimes increased by 1 percent, while adults who were arrested for the same showed a decrease in rate by 4 percent. 

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on February 19, 2020
Sensitive Information!