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How to Check and Search Criminal Records in
North Carolina?

North Carolina follows a ‘closed records’ policy. This means access to your or anyone else’s criminal records information is not available to the public; except for certain authorized parties, i.e. law enforcement.

The state of North Carolina also pursues a Right To Review your record. This means by completing a form and paying a fee, you can view your criminal record.

Criminal Record Check in a Single County

If you want to conduct a criminal record search for yourself in a particular county within North Carolina State, then you need to submit a request through the county clerk of superior court office at the court. You will be required to complete and submit form AOC-CR-314 to the clerk’s office along with a $25 fee. This search will only check for records in that particular county, not the entire state.

North Carolina Criminal Records

Self-Service Non-Certified Background Check at Other Courthouses

You may search for, view and email criminal records of yourself or other persons in all counties or statewide via public access computers in the clerk’s office. This is not a certified search and printing charges are applicable.

State Checks

There are two options for state checks: fingerprint-based and name-based. Only one of these types of a check is necessary.

Fingerprint-Based State Checks

This is available from the North Carolina Bureau of Investigation Identification Section.

What Information Can You Obtain?

You will receive a formal response to the State Bureau of Investigation letterhead. If there is a criminal history record in the system and it matches your fingerprints, a copy of this record will be attached to your SBI letter. If there are no results, the response letter will indicate this fact.4

There is a $14.00 cost associated with this search. It takes up to one week to obtain results after your fingerprints are received by the SBI. All requests are processed and sent via US mail. No in-person requests will be permitted.

United States Treasury Check

According to North Carolina law, a federal mandate, ordinance, Governor’s executive order or state statute is required for non-criminal justice organizations to access criminal history records. Individuals may review their criminal records under the Right To Review act. Under this act, they may share and process this information with a program or organization.

Name-Based State Checks

This service is available from the North Carolina Bureau of Investigation Identification Section.

What information can you obtain?

You may obtain a name-based criminal record history by getting in touch with the Clerk of Court within each county where you lived in North Carolina. Each county will have a record of your criminal history only if your case was tried in that particular courthouse.

This information is available to you under the Right to Review act. You may share and process this record with any program or party. Non-criminal justice organizations may only access individual records by submitting a federal mandate, Governor’s executive order, state statute or ordinance.

Your criminal records can be obtained for a fee of $10.00. The time it takes to obtain your results will depend on the number of counties that were contacted.

National Sex Offender Public Website Check

If you were charged and convicted of a crime under the ‘sex offender’ category, your name and information are likely listed on the NSOPW website. A requirement in North Carolina State before commencing any service or work in a covered position is to perform a nationwide check on the National Sex Offender Public Website.

In addition, you may check your criminal record information on the state sex offender registry for that particular state. In North Carolina, this is the North Carolina Sex Offender Registry.

North Carolina Online Criminal Records Search

North Carolina Online Criminal Records Search

When searching for North Carolina criminal records, you will be able to find out what crimes people committed, if they are registered sex offenders, and if they are lying to you about their past. That is why it is so important to perform a criminal check and find out what lies in people's past. To perform a quick search, you can use an online public records directory that will do all the searching for you.

An online North Carolina criminal records search can be performed with several directories, so if you have the following details of a certain person, you can use any of them to perform the query:

  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Physical address

For the North Carolina online criminal records search, you need to use a professional public records search directory that has access to North Carolina public records. Once such a directory has an identifying detail of an individual, it will search public records for data about that person and will provide you with the criminal history of the person you are searching.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 17, 2022
Sensitive Information!