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What is the Law on Murder in North Carolina and What are the Punishments for it?

This piece walks a layman through the intricacies of the meaning of Murder, it's general characteristics, levels/ degrees of murder and the penalties for committing murder in North Carolina, a southeastern U.S. state.

Meaning: The term Murder is derived from mrtró which means to die. Murder can be defined as an illicit, heinous, deliberate act of killing a human being by the other involving a malice motive. Murder is considered as an extremely serious offense in most of the countries across the globe. Murder is considered different from manslaughter as the latter involves the lack of malice and generally involves provocation.

General characteristics of Murder:

Murder involves the following critical bits to it:

(1) considered completely against the law

(2) involves killing

(3) a human gets killed (victim)

4) a human kills another human (murderer)

(5) a malice motive is involved

North Carolina Murder Law

Levels of murder: Under the laws of various countries, murder is seen usually under different levels called degrees. Commonly, three levels of murder are as follows:

A) First degree Murders: Murders that involve careful, deliberate planning to them are included under this category. Murders that involve any kind of toxins, torture or abuse and deliberate killing of a person by the other are considered as first-degree murders. The most common example of first-degree murders is: stabbing with a motive, shooting a person, and strangulating a person to death.

B) Second-degree murders: It includes all those murders that are not listed in the first-degree murder list. These involve the action of intentionally killing without any planning for killing a person in advance by the murderer; or actions taken that can result in death, even when the action is unintentional in nature. It can be explained as:

A man keeping a gun under his desk for his protection while making a deal, then he gets infuriated in the middle of the negotiation, take out the gun and shoots the client. The intention is definitely present, but there was no such plan to kill someone. Thus, it is considered second-degree murder.

Murder Law North Carolina

(C) Third-degree murders: These are also known as Felony murders and are taken into consideration under the law of certain countries. The felony murder principle acts in case of third-degree murders, according to which that if a person commits a violent crime(maybe a robbery in a bank)and another person dies as a result, the criminal can be charged with murder, even if they did not intend for anyone to die or did not commit the act at the first place.

What are the general laws for murder in North Carolina?

North Carolina Code section14-17; 15A-1001, et seq.; 15A-2000; 122C-313; 15-187 defines murder and the degrees of murder under the law of North Carolina. A murder qualifies as first-degree murder and the murderer is subjected to the death penalty by the law when:

(A) Murder committed by a person with a malice motive that may be personal or monetary. 

(B) Murder committed by a person conducting an airplane hijacking/airplane robbery or using a biological weapon or chemical weapon simultaneously.

(C) Murder committed is of a peace officer exercising his duties.

(D) Murder is committed when a person (accused) is already on bail for another crime.

Murder Law

(E) Murder committed by a person trying to flee away from the jail after the arrest.

F) Murder committed was extremely painful and exceptionally tormenting to the victim.

(G) Murder committed involves drug trafficking, rape, sexual misconduct to it. 

(H) Murder committed when the accused is trying to flee away from getting in custody.

Penalties and punishments concerned with murder in North Carolina

The law of North Carolina takes murder as an extremely serious offense and is considered to be the state with one of the most illiberal and severe laws regarding the murder. A total of more than 20 crimes including robbery, arson, sexual abuse, horse-stealing have death penalty decided for them.

A person guilty of murder is subjected to death penalty straightaway in the law of North Carolina. For execution, lethal dosages are given (mostly injections). The law also establishes a minimum age of 17 for executions. The law is not applied to those suffering from mental instability or are mentally challenged. A murderer is served with the death penalty in North Carolina in death rows for both males and females in Raleigh and the power to mercy lies only with the Governor of North Carolina.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on February 27, 2020
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