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What Is The Law On Forgery In Oklahoma And What Are The Punishments For It?

In the state of Oklahoma as well as other states forgery is an offense punishable by law. The punishment depends on the nature of the crime. Forgery is where a person forges or makes changes or even copies a document. This can include a bank check, government security, a stock, a will, or any document of value. Creating a document or signing a document using a signature that belongs to someone else can lead to the offense of forgery.

Law Related to Forgery in Oklahoma and Punishments

The laws related to forgery in the 2018 Oklahoma Statutes are as follows:

  • Sec 21-464: Anyone who forges the name of another person, without that person’s consent to a petition filed in a court is guilty of an offense and will be punished by a fine of $500, or imprisonment for 6 months in county prison, or both.
  • Sec 21-1561: A person who falsely creates or alters a will or deed with an intention to change the original intent of the will is guilty of forgery in the first degree as per the Oklahoma laws. Forging a certificate or endorsement by a court official is also an offense under the law.
Oklahoma Forgery Law,
  • Sec 21-1562: When a person with an intention to defraud false creates or alters government security or certificate issued by a government agency then it is termed as a first-degree forgery. This includes stock certificates and other such valuable securities.
  • Sec 21-1571: When someone creates or alters the seal of the state, or of any public office like the court, county, government agency, or any other office recognized by the law with the intention to deceive is guilty of committing forgery of the second degree.
 Oklahoma Forgery Laws
  • Sec 21-1572: Anyone who makes fake records or alters a record, corrupts it, or destroys a record, which is related to records of wills, court judgments, or any documents, related to court process is guilty of committing second-degree forgery.
  • Sec 21-1621v1: Based on the above categorization, anyone who commits a forgery in the first degree is guilty of a felony under the Oklahoma law. The punishment for this felony is imprisonment in custody of the Department of Corrections, for a period of between 7 and 20 years.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 19, 2022
Sensitive Information!