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The Law on Kidnapping/Abduction and its Punishments in Oregon

The state of Oregon is known for many good things. The people of the state are very environment-friendly and that is why Oregon has the maximum number of a bicyclist in the USA. There is an intriguing legend that pirate treasure is buried in the Neahkahnie Mountain somewhere. Other than these fascinating things the state of Oregon is also in the news for the growing crime rate in the state. Most offenders who are found guilty face lengthy and harsh prison sentences. The department of justice claims that kidnapping accounts for two percent of all the crimes committed against children or juveniles. Women are the primary victim of Kidnapping. They have twice the more chance of getting kidnapped than any man.

Abduction and Kidnapping Laws in the State of Oregon

The state of Oregon defines Kidnapping as the crime of taking or picking a person without his or her consent to a hidden, unrevealed or confidential location. This may be done with a motive to acquire ransom or to supplement some other crime, or it may also be concerned with child custody battle or dispute. The state of Oregon distinguishes the criminal act of kidnapping into two separate categories. The first type of kidnapping is kidnapping in the first degree and the other is a kidnapping in the second degree.

All the abduction and kidnapping laws in Oregon are enlisted under the Oregon Statutes numbered 163.225 of the Oregon state statutes. Kidnapping is a criminal offense under the United States’ criminal codes.

Oregon Abduction Law

First-degree kidnapping in Oregon

A person is charged with or convicted of first-degree kidnapping in Oregon when the act is done with any of the following intentions:

  • to get ransom, payment, property or any other thing of value.
  • To hold the restrained man, woman, or child as a hostage or shield
  • to physically harm the victim
  • to threaten the victim or any other third party

Kidnapping in the first degree in Oregon is considered a Class A felony. The court can sentence the accused a maximum of twenty years in prison if he is convicted of a class A felony in Oregon. Instead of or in addition to imprisonment the court can also demand a fine of not more than $375,000 for committing a class A felony in Oregon. Some other common class A felonies in Oregon include first-degree rape, manslaughter in the first degree, first-degree assault, and aggravated vehicular homicide.

Oregon Kidnap Law

Second-degree kidnapping in Oregon

In the state of Oregon, a person commits a kidnapping in the second degree when the intention of the offender is to hamper or hinder another man’ liberty without any lawful authority and against the victim’s will. This can be done when the kidnapper carries the victim from one place to another without their consent. Or when the offender hides the captive person clandestinely, quietly or privately with the intention of hiding the person.

The charges against the defendant aggravate if the victim turns out to be a minor below 16 years of age; it is discovered the defendant is related to the restrained person, or the only motive or purpose was to get control or dominate the victim in some way.

Kidnapping in the second degree is a class B felony in the state of Oregon. The punishment for a Class B felony in Oregon is a maximum prison sentence of 10 years along with or instead of a fine of a maximum of $250,000. in Oregon, some other crimes like money laundering, first-degree corpse abuse, illegal possession of body armor and first-degree theft also is considered a Class B felony.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 4, 2021
Sensitive Information!