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Pennsylvania City Crime Rate: Most Committed Crimes and Crime Rate Information for State Pennsylvania

The state of Pennsylvania is also referred to as the Keystone State and the Quaker State. It shares borders with 6 other states in the United States of America namely Ohio, West Virginia, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, and New York. The Pittsburgh region is situated in the southwest end of the state.

Pennsylvania State overview:

The state has the Pocono Mountains to its northeast while the mighty Appalachian Mountains pass through its center. About 60 percent of this charming state is covered with forest and houses the renowned Dutch Country area.

Over 12.7 million residents are living in the state of Pennsylvania. The figure makes it a state with the country's 9th highest population density.

Philadelphia is well-known for its educational infrastructure in the country and boasts several reputed institutions. In all, there are more than 450 private, as well as, public degree-granting universities and college in the state. The famous Ivy Leaguer, the University of Pennsylvania, is a much-coveted university in the country. Some other well-known educational institutions in the state include Carnegie Mellon University, Bryn Mawr College, Bucknell University, and Swarthmore College.

Pennsylvania City Crime Rate

Pennsylvania Crime statistics:

The crimes analyzed in Pennsylvania can be broadly classified into violent and property offenses.  While the rate of violent crime is 3.13 per 1,000 people in the state, that of property crime annually is 16.49. The overall annual crime rate for every 1,000 residents in the state of Pennsylvania is 19.63.

An individual's likelihood of succumbing to any violent offense in the state is one in 319. The violent crimes in the state were further categorized into forms like murder, assault, robbery, and rape. Check out the category-wise violent crime rate in Pennsylvania below:

  • Rape: 0.33
  • Murder: 0.06
  • Assault: 1.83
  • Robbery: 0.92

On the other hand, the rate of property crime is quite high in Pennsylvania. A resident’s chance of suffering from an activity related to property crime is one in 61. Property crimes included for the purpose of this analysis are theft, burglary, and motor vehicle theft. Here is a category-wise break-up of property crimes in the state:

  • Theft: 12.98
  • Burglary: 2.50
  • Motor vehicle theft: 1.01

The crime statistics in Pennsylvania show an overall downward crime trend based on the data of 17 years. It shows both property crimes, as well as, violent offenses on a decreasing trend.

Pennsylvania Crime Rate

On the basis of this report, Pennsylvania’s crime rate in 2019 may come down as compared to 2016. In 2016, the rate of violent crime in the state was less than the average violent crime rate of the nation by 20.32 percent. On the other hand, the rate of property crime rate in Pennsylvania was also less than the average property crime rate of the country by 28.89 percent.

Highlights of another crime analysis for the state of Pennsylvania are as follows:

  • 10.99 crimes take place daily in Philadelphia for every 100,000 persons.
  • Philadelphia’s overall rate of crime is 46 percent more than the country average.
  • The number of overall year to year offenses in the state has come down by 4 percent.
  • A resident’s chance of suffering from any crime in the state of Philadelphia is one in 25.
  • The state is safer than just 6 percent of the other cities in America.

Check out some of the safest cities in Pennsylvania:

  • Cherry Tree
  • Friendsville
  • Mount Gretna
  • Elderton
  • Smicksburg
  • Vintondale
  • Bernville
  • Atlantic
  • Enon Valley
  • Delaware Water Gap

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 28, 2021
Sensitive Information!