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Rubin Carter Arrest Records

Rubin Carter, also known as the Hurricane a middleweight boxer, was imprisoned on wrongful convictions. After serving 20 years in the prison he was deemed innocent and was released from prison. He was raised in New Jersey and when he was 11 years of age he was sent to jail because of striking another man whom he claimed was a pedophile. He was sent to a penitentiary and after he was released, he joined the 'US Army,' where he prepared to be a fighter. Afterward, he turned into an expert boxer.

His forceful boxing made him famous but as his career started taking off, he was convicted of murder Carter's case and he was given life sentences for each murder. Numerous crusades were organized to help him and after 20 long years, he was finally set free.

Early Life

Carter's dad killed squirrels and raccoons to take care of their family in the United States during the Great Depression of the 1930s. He took youthful Rubin and his uncles with him on one outing. As they passed through the New Jersey forest, they saw they were being trailed by a truck. The driver, a white man, attempted to run them off the street. For young Carter this act influenced him and in later years he became violent because his father's violence on him and others had influenced him profoundly.

Rubin Carter Criminal Records
He was once caught by a minister who saw him stealing garments. The minister revealed the entire ordeal to Carter's dad. Carter immediately assaulted the minister - a man who was far older than him. In response to that, his dad beat Carter so badly that is there were cuts in between his eyes and bruises all over.

Rubin, when young would smile and drool while fighting as if he got immense pleasure from harming others and getting, hurt.
Rubin Carter was, by age 14, a detainee. He struck a man he declared was a pedophile and was sent to Jamesburg reformatory.

Carter's dad did not visit him while he was in jail and he would often be violent and would get into a fight with other inmates much senior to him. In the end, he was frustrated and wanted to get out of prison. He broke a window and for two days he ran, putting 80km among him and the jail but was later arrested.

Arrest Record

Carter was a contender for the middleweight boxing belt during the 1960s, however, his life and profession came to a standstill when he and another man were indicted for three killings that happened in a bar at New Jersey. The preliminary adjudicator, who delivered the sentence to put Carter and Artis behind bars was later found to be corrupted and racist and did not heed proper evidence at the time the proceedings took place.

After the subsequent conviction, Carter on several interviews told the media of his innocence and wrongful accusations. After protests and subsequent investigations, A government court found that ample evidence was not gathered and they violated his right to a fair trial.

Rubin Carter Police Records
Social Activities

Carter spent the rest of his life in New Jersey helping others who were wrongfully convicted. He felt there were a lot more people who were convicted and as people helped him when he was convicted, he wanted to do the same for his fellow Americans.

During his last few days, his only companion was Artis. The one who was convicted along with him and was imprisoned for 20 years. Both men remained together during the last few years as Carter battled with Cancer.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 10, 2022
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