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Can I Get in Trouble For Selling Alcohol to Minors? What is the Punishment?

The legal age for purchasing, owning, or drinking alcohol is 21. Almost all the states have set 21 as a standard age limit for consumption of alcohol. However, it is illegal to sell alcohol to minors or individuals below the prescribed age limit.

Sale of alcohol to minors is a criminal offense. However, the laws and punishments vary from one country to another. Therefore, you might end up facing a jail term and a capital punishment in case you are found guilty of selling alcohol to a minor. Below discussed are some of the punishments and penalties for selling alcohol to a minor

1. Imprisonment: You might end up behind the bars for the illegal sale of alcohol to a minor. You could face a jail term of one year or less. In case of insufficient circumstantial evidence, you could be awarded a minimum or let free.

2. Penalty:
The individual convicted might need to pay a minimum fine for selling alcohol to a minor ranging between $500-$1000. Moreover, the amount of penalty or fine varies from one state to another.

Selling Alcohol to a Minor

3. Probation:
Sometimes, along with the jail term the court will probably suggest a probation sentence too. It is the supervision period meant for the offender ordered by the court. The Probation terms could range from 6 to 12 months. However, the offender is required to report to the designated officer on a regular basis. If the offender fails to follow these procedures then he is likely to end up behind bars on the basis of a court order.

4. Cancellation of Liquor license:
Possible retraction of store license in case you are found guilty for the sale of liquor to a minor or under-aged adult. In addition to this, the liquor license can be revoked if the organization involved is held responsible for the sale of alcohol to minors, either intentionally or unintentionally. You will be also required to pay for penalties in terms of cash. However, laws in some states are eased in case it is found that the sale of alcohol was undertaken unknowingly.

Do you know invalid ID proof of the person in question could land you in serious trouble? Yes, in case you forget to make an inquiry relating to a minor's age-related documents while selling alcohol; you are likely to face many problems. Under such circumstances, you are likely to lose your license. On the contrary, if the minor claims to be 21 using a fake ID, you will be free of conviction as well as a penalty. Also, you are not allowed to sell alcohol to a minor in case he presents an ID card belonging to his elder brother or sister or parents.

Penalties for Selling Alcohol to a Minor
But the big worry for the Federal agencies is fake id production in the black markets. Since the culprits involved are least bothered regarding legal aspects of the state. Because all that matters to them is making money. To overcome this problem, the Police department and the investigation agencies often conduct raids and sting operations. So, as to get hold of illegal liquor vendors involved in the sale of alcohol to the minors. Therefore, the organizations involved in the sale of liquor need to be very careful. It is advisable to keep a scanning device to authenticate or validate the id cards presented.

Selling alcohol to a minor is a criminal offense and it can have dire consequences on your life and career. Therefore, consult a lawyer immediately in case you are charged with sale of alcohol to a minor. Moreover, the laws pertaining to the sale of liquor to a minor vary from one state to another. An experienced criminal defense lawyer will help you in guiding through your case.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 18, 2022
Sensitive Information!