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Negligence Law South Carolina

The common word “negligence” means the inability to act as expected, causing harm to another. In other words, one can be accused of negligence in everyday life when they do not behave/act, as is expected of reasonable individuals. Negligence law definition builds on the same definition. It refers to the failure of an individual/group to act in a manner consistent with what is expected of them. Negligence law definition follows that standard care must be exercised. Negligence laws imply then, by the negligence law definition, that the care to be exercised depends on the individual acting and the situation. Negligence law definition states four conditions that need to be met for negligence to be proven using negligence laws in the courtroom. These are –

  • The duty to act
  • The failure of this duty to act
  • An occurrence of injury
  • Said injury’s direct correlation with the incorrect dispersal of duty

If these four conditions are met, a prosecutor can use negligence laws to penalize the accused. Let’s provide an instance where negligence laws could be applicable –

If you are given a misdiagnosis by your doctor, leading to an operation that wasn’t required for your condition and which led to a further decline in your health – you can sue your doctor for negligence. The prosecutor can easily prove the doctor’s negligent behavior using existing negligence laws. He/she can explain how the doctor owed a certain duty to you, which they executed improperly. Their improper execution of duty led you to bodily harm.

South Carolina Negligence Law

Negligence Laws by State

In the US, negligence laws by state differ. How do these negligence laws by state differ? Well, some states have laws that look at negligence comprehensively, while others look at negligence comparatively. We discuss South Carolina's negligence laws by state in detail below.

Punishment for Negligence in South Carolina

South Carolina Negligence Law observes a modified comparative negligence rule. What this means is, Negligence Law South Carolina believes that many times, in an accident, more than one party is to blame. If you file a lawsuit based on South Carolina Negligence Law and it is proven that despite your having filed for Negligence Law South Carolina, you had a role to play in the injury caused to you – the compensation you will receive will be compromised.

Negligence Law South Carolina decrees punishment for negligence in South Carolina based on your percentage of fault calculated. However, if South Carolina Negligence Law finds that you are to blame for more than half of said accident, you are not liable to receive any compensation.

Negligence Law South Carolina

Punishment for negligence in South Carolina according to Negligence Law South Carolina stipulates that punitive damages that can be charged from the guilty cannot exceed $500,000 or three times the value of the damages caused in the accident.

Other punishments for negligence in South Carolina rules demarcate $350,000 as the maximum for non-economic damages that can be claimed from the offender by a single defendant for being subject to medical negligence. A total of $1.05 million can be claimed by all defendants involved in a medical malpractice case in South Carolina.


Like most states in the US, South Carolina to follows comparative negligence as the basis for its negligence laws. Punishments are dealt with according to a person’s degree of involvement. All defendants are entitled to claim compensation unless they are found guilty for more than half of the causation of said negligence. In that case, they are held primarily guilty and not liable to receive any compensation or share the total recompense to be paid to the victim. Medical negligence is the most common form of negligence experienced in this US state.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 10, 2022
Sensitive Information!