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How to Check and Search for Criminal Records in Texas?

A criminal record is a document that has a record of violation of offenses committed by a person. It is an official record that has details of violations committed under the statutes. The criminal records would include the following:

1) Arrest record: This is the record of arrest, where a person who is suspected of committing a crime is taken into custody. The law enforcement agency, which could be the police or the sheriff’s office would arrest a person if they feel he/she has committed an offense under the Texas laws. An arrest is carried out for any type of offense under the law and this is duly recorded.

2) Warrant of arrest: When there is some kind of evidence to link a person to an offense, a judge would issue an arrest warrant. The warrant authorizes a law officer to arrest that person. The warrant may also give the law enforcement agency the right to search a person’s home or workplace. This warrant is also a criminal record under the law.

Texas Criminal Records Search

3) Sex offender listing: Sex offenders who are convicted by a court would have their names listed on a sex offender registry. This is a requirement of the law to ensure that the public is aware of a sex offender who could be a risk. This is also a criminal record that would be publicly listed once the judge classifies someone as a sex offender.

4) Record of conviction: When a person is convicted of a crime, whether it is a minor crime like a misdemeanor or a major crime like a felony, the details of the conviction are recorded in the courts and with the law enforcement agency. This is the criminal record that a person has been convicted of a crime.

5) Traffic violation: Serious traffic violations are also recorded and maintained as a criminal record. The details of imprisonment, traffic ticket, fine, and penalty are recorded.

6) Jail and parole records: A person convicted, who is jailed would have his records entered in the jail/prison, where he is lodged. This is the record of inmates maintained by a jail. When an inmate is allowed parole, the record of parole given and duration is also maintained as a part of the criminal records.

7) Probation records: These are records of probation given in lieu of a prison sentence. This may require supervision by an officer.

8) Juvenile records: Records of crimes by juveniles are also recorded. When the juvenile becomes an adult, this record can be deleted, if the person applies and gets an order passed.

Texas Criminal Records Search

Checking and Searching Criminal Records in Texas

As per the Texas Public Information Act, anyone is allowed to access public records that are not considered confidential. Criminal records are also available publicly and can be searched and checked by applying to the appropriate authority. The criminal records of individuals can be searched on the website of the Dept. of Public Safety. It can also be obtained by contacting the department. A background check report of a person can be obtained from the department that would include details of criminal records.

Similarly, court records related to convictions can be obtained from the Texas Office of Court Administration. The respective court can be contacted for the procedure on obtaining these records.

Unless a person’s criminal record has been classified, it can be obtained from the state website and other websites that offer these services. A background check is the most common way to access these records. This search can be made only using the person’s name. The Sex offender registry can be accessed by anyone.

Texas Online Criminal Records Search

Instead of contacting law enforcement agencies and paying for each criminal records search, you can use an online service that will perform a Texas criminal records search for you. The websites that provide such services have access to public records, so they have official information as gathered by law enforcement agencies in each state. To perform the search, you need to provide the public records search directory with the person's full name. Then, the directory will scan Texas public records to find criminal records.

When the search is over, you will get a detailed report about the person you are searching, including their criminal records info. You can also use other public records search directories that rely on other identifying details aside from names. So, you can search Texas criminal records based on a phone number, a physical address, or an email.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 1, 2021
Sensitive Information!