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Tonya Harding Arrest RecordsTonya Harding was an Olympic skater who is presumably the most speculated professional skate in American Skating history. In contrast to most Olympic skaters, Harding's parents were poor, in those days this was normally not the norm as skating was a hobby reserved for the upper class.

She was into fishing and hunting, was a cultivated auto repairman, played pool and had a habit of smoking cigarettes. She did not belong to any skating circles and did not have any formal training. However, she began skating at a nearby arena, and her energy and athleticism made her an incredible jumper, truly exceptional in women's skating history.
Career Highlights
In 1987, Harding came into the spotlight and earned national fame after coming second at the prestigious Skate America. At Skate America, her jumpings capabilities and her agile athletic moves came into the spotlight, as Harding was the primary lady to play out a threefold axel in the show, two threefold axels in a sequence, a triple axel blend (with a twofold toe circle).

Tonya Harding Criminal Records

In 1989 she was placed third at the open US Championships, however, her enormous success year was in 1990 when she was the winner of Skate America and the prestigious Nations Cup. Harding was fourth at the 1992 Winter Olympics and heading into the 1994 season, her huge adversary was Nancy Kerrigan, a substantially more cleaned, customary skater, yet one without Harding's bouncing capacity. In 1991 she obtained the US title and came second at the NHK Trophy.
Career downfall

In 1994 Winter Olympics: Kerrigan (Harding's greatest rivalry and colleague on the U.S. group) was assaulted and left with a messed up leg by a man that Gilooly accidentally enlisted. Harding in the long run conceded to blocking the FBI's examination of the occasion, prompting her lifetime ban from the United States Figure Skating Association. The activities of her ex-husband and his hired companion cost Harding everything, including her skating profession.

Harding and Kerrigan had gone up against one another for a considerable length of time, at the Olympics which was held in 1992. Kerrigan brought home bronze and Harding was placed fourth. The objective of the 1994 assault was to keep Kerrigan from partaking in that year's Olympic Games in Norway. Regardless of her knee injury, Kerrigan proceeded to win the silver medal at the 1994 Olympic Games.

Arrest Record

In January, the U.S. Figure Skating Championships were planned for Detroit. The subsequent day before the competition, as Kerrigan was leaving the training ice and was on her way to the changing area, a man hurried up behind her and smacked her over the correct knee with a baton, the blow made her collapse into the ground.

Tonya Harding Police Records

The suspect then ran off, and witnesses revealed he got into a holding up vehicle and hurried away. The following day, Harding was placed first, while Kerrigan was admitted to the hospital.

After the assault, a man named Shawn Eckardt admitted to his pastor, that he was the suspect who assaulted Kerrigan. Eckardt was Tonya Harding's security and a long time companion to his ex-husband. At the hour of the admission, the clergyman was a school colleague of Eckardt in a paralegal program, and he wound up revealing the episode to two of their teachers, a professor, who was also a lawyer, and another educator, who was a private investigator.

Harding confessed to hindering the examination concerning Kerrigan's assault, which permitted her to keep away from prison time. Under the supplication deal, Harding was deprived of her gold from the 1994 U.S. Titles. She was likewise prohibited from contending in the U.S. forever.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 26, 2022
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