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Utah City Crime Rate: The Most Committed Crimes and Crime Rate Information for State Utah

Below are the crime rates and some statistics for the state of Utah:

Utah Annual Crime Rates:

Number of Crimes
  • Violent Crimes – 7,410
  • Property Crimes - 86,238
  • Total Crimes – 93,648
Crime Rate (per 1000 residents)
  • Violent Crimes – 2.39
  • Property Crimes – 27.80
  • Total Crimes – 30.19
Violent Crime Statistics in the state of Utah

You have a 1 in 419 chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime in the state of Utah.
Utah violent crime statistics - POPULATION: 3,101,833
  • Report Total – 73
  • Rate per 1000 – 0.02
  • Report Total – 1,697
  • Rate per 1000 – 0.55
  • Report Total – 1,468
  • Rate per 1000 – 0.47
  • Report Total – 4,172
  • Rate per 1000 – 1.35
Property crime statistics in the state of Utah - You have a 1 in 36 chance of becoming a victim of a property crime in the state of Utah.

Utah City Crime Rate

Utah Property Crime Statistics:

  • Report Total – 11,817
  • Rate per 1000 – 3.81
  • Report Total – 64,892
  • Rate per 1000 – 20.92
Motor Vehicle Theft
  • Report Total – 9,529
  • Rate per 1000 – 3.07
According to recent statistics and reports, the following information has been revealed about the crime rates and statistics in the state of Utah – During the year 2016, it was seen that violent crime had a significant increase in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

While the overall rate of crimes in Utah from the year 2015 to 2016 increased by just less than 2%, there were a few drastic increases in the number of some violent crimes as compared to the previous year, according to statistical information gathered and generated by the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification.

In Utah, the total number of violent crimes rose by more than 17% in the year 2016. That included a shocking 42% rise in homicides, a 19% increase in aggravated assaults and nearly a 17% rise in robberies, according to recent reports.

“The rise in crime in our state is concerning,” said Utah Department of Public Safety Commissioner, Keith Squires in a prepared statement. The state of Utah calculated 77 homicides in Utah in the year 2016, with a rifle, a handgun, or any other unspecified firearms used in more than 50% of those deaths, according to the report. In the year 2015, the state reported 54 homicides.

Utah Crime Rate

In the category of rape, there was an overwhelming number of men between the ages of 15 and 19, all in the teen category arrested in 2016, according to the state statistics. The overall number of crimes recorded in the state of Utah for the year 2016 continued to be on the rise for three years straight. The total number of crimes is also the second highest in the state in the past ten years.

The 2016 Crime in Utah Report mentioned that the BCI underwent a significant database conversion/change that required the key crime stats reporting tools to be revamped. The Utah Department of Public Safety officials explained this on their website that they were ramping up their crime recording technology and software.

The bureau also hopes to begin releasing quarterly crime reports for Utah, and eventually, a real-time view as the crime statistics are submitted as it feels that this will significantly improve the opportunities to identify the crime trends and adjust the local, state and federal resources accordingly.

A representative for the Department of Public Safety was unsure if the violent crime trends continued during the year 2017 too. The Deseret News calculated 80 homicides in its statistics for the year 2017; 68% were deaths by shooting. Utah's statistics are based on the data submitted to the bureau by each law enforcement agency in the state. Some agencies, however, did not submit a full year's worth of data, the bureau noted.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on February 17, 2020
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