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Utah Criminal Record Expungement: Learn How to Get Your Criminal Record Expunged in Utah

The world is seamlessly connected today and we’re all citizens of a global village. Nothing is too far or beyond reach. Yet this connectivity and availability of information can pose a hurdle in our life sometimes. Those with a criminal record in their closet understand the implications. Everything from finding a good accommodation to getting a good job can become a challenge if a criminal record pops up in the background check.

Fortunately, it is possible to wipe the slate clean and make a new start by getting criminal records expunged. Expungement or sealing of criminal records means that it will not be accessible to anyone.

Getting criminal records expunged in Utah is not a cakewalk but with the right kind of information, it can be a hassle-free process.

The first thing to do if you have a criminal record in Utah is to know if you’re eligible to apply for expungement. Your criminal record would have resulted in either a conviction or not.

How to Get Your Criminal Record Expunged in Utah

If you have been arrested or detained or undergone any investigation but not convicted, it is easier to seek a set-aside. If the arrest did not lead to the framing of charges or you were acquitted or the case was dismissed or the statute of limitations has expired, you are eligible to apply for Criminal Record Expungement in Utah. You must not have any pending criminal investigation against you and at least thirty days should have elapsed since your arrest.

On the other hand, if you were convicted, various other factors come into play and the seriousness of the offense plays an important part. While many criminal felony and misdemeanor records can be sealed in Utah, additional rules and longer waiting periods will apply.

Criminal Record Expungement Utah is not possible if you have been convicted of two or more felonies, not including drug possession, or have more than two felony drug possession offenses. If your criminal record includes three or more crimes with two being Class A misdemeanors or five or more than five crimes of any type excluding drug possession, you can not seek expungement in Utah. In drug possession crimes of any degree, five or more than five records will make you ineligible.

Some offenses can not be set-aside without a pardon by the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole. These include a felony DUI, a vehicular homicide and offenses classified as capital, violent & first-degree. Child abuse and offenses that require the person to register as a sex offender also fall in this category.

Different classes of felonies and crimes call for different waiting periods to be observed. Class A misdemeanors require a five-year waiting period and class B misdemeanors call for a four-year waiting period. Misdemeanors under the Utah Traffic Code require a waiting period of ten years. A waiting period of three years is applicable to all other misdemeanors. Felonies under the Utah Controlled Substance Act have a waiting period of ten years. Any other felony requires seven years waiting period.

Utah Criminal Record Expungement

For detailed information on eligibility criteria, you can also visit the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) or check for information on their website. Once you have that information, you can set things in motion.

To have Utah Expunge Criminal records, you need to first procure a Certificate of Eligibility from the Utah Bureau of criminal identification. You can seek legal assistance or file a petition yourself. If doing it yourself, you can visit the BCI website and get the expungement application. A valid ID will be needed and a fee of $65 will be charged when you make the application.

It is possible to do it through mail as well.

An important thing to know about Utah Criminal Record Expungement is that if you furnish wrong or misleading information while applying for expungement or have an ongoing criminal proceeding against you, you will lose your right to seek expungement.

Now that you know How To Get Your Criminal Record Expunged in Utah, it’s time to dust that old closet!

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 29, 2022
Sensitive Information!