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How To Check And Search Criminal Records
In Utah?

Utah public records and their examination fall under the purview of the Government Records and Management Act (GRAMA). Criminal records are obtained by application to the Bureau of Criminal Identification of the Utah Department of Public Safety.

Access is granted to public records insofar as they do not concern trade secrets, information that could hamper government procurement proceedings and is not invasive of another person’s privacy.

What do Criminal Records in Utah comprise?

A criminal record is defined as an official document that contains a person’s criminal history. This information is compiled from different sources like courts, police departments, and the Utah state records.

Utah criminal records consist of:

1) Arrest records

2) Arrest warrants

3) Misdemeanors

4) Felonies

5) Sex offender listings

6) Serious traffic violations

7) Conviction records

8) Jail and inmate records

9) Parole information

10) Probation information

11) Juvenile criminal information

Utah Criminal Records Search

How to Check and Search for Criminal Records?

Criminal history records can be obtained in person or by an application by mail. Criminal history records are released directly only to the subject of the record. Therefore, one cannot usually seek out the criminal history record of another.

The subject of the record can direct that the criminal history record be sent to a third party. To do this, they must fill out a release form and submit it along with their application form.

Individuals can appear in person at the office of the Bureau in Salt Lake City and obtain a copy of their own criminal history record. Individuals are required to present a valid government-issued picture identification along with a fee of $15. Driving privilege cards are not accepted as valid identification.

Alternatively, individuals may also apply for their own criminal history records by mail. For this purpose, they would be required to download the Criminal History Record application form from the Bureau’s website.

The form is to be filled as per the instructions and mailed along with the fee to the office of the Bureau. The applicant would also be required to supply a fingerprint set as per the instructions in the form.

Criminal Records Search Utah

How to Check and Search Jail and Inmate Records?

Jail and inmate records are typically available online. Online repositories are maintained by the sheriff’s office for inmates of the county. A search can be made using the name of the inmate. The results delivered will include a mugshot, basic description of the case, inmate’s physical description, date of birth and nationality, arresting authority and date of booking.

Records of inmates in state prisons are maintained by the Utah Department of Corrections. A search can be made using the full name of the inmate or their offender number.

Employee Background Checks

The state of Utah has recognized that certain professions would do well to conduct background checks such as teachers and other persons who work closely with children. Another example is those who would be working in jobs with responsibilities that are financial, national security or statutory authority related.

Accordingly, Utah state law mandates background checks for potential employees of a specified nature and the criminal record check forms part of this. However, the details of the manner of conduct of the checks are largely left to the employer.

Other than these specified types of employees, employers would not be able to conduct background checks themselves. Employers would have to request potential hires for their criminal history records and employees would have to apply and obtain those themselves. In such cases, employers ask employees to sign a waiver and then discuss what information will be used and how it will be used.

Online Utah Criminal Records Search
Online Utah Criminal Records Search

If you want to find out what comes up when people search for your criminal records or what crimes people have committed, you can perform a Utah criminal records search. The query can be performed online, so you do not have to contact every authority to find the necessary records. Instead, you can use public records search sites that can provide you with access to Utah public records, so you won’t have to search for the data by yourself.

For the search to start, you need to choose a public records search directory and enter an identifying detail about the person that you are searching. To make sure you find Utah criminal records and criminal records in other states, you can pick one of four types of directories: a name search, phone number search, an address search, and an email lookup service. Once you enter one of these details into the directory of your choosing, the Utah public records search will begin. At the end of the search, you will get a detailed report about the person whose records you are searching, and you will be able to discover what lies in their criminal past.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 6, 2022
Sensitive Information!