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How to Check and Search Criminal Records in Virginia?

It was in 1966 when the CCRE or Central Criminal Records Exchange was set up. It is the main criminal records depository for the state of Virginia. The Virginia Department of State Police has jurisdiction over CCRE. If a person is keen to procure his/her criminal history record, it is possible to do so through the Central Criminal Records Exchange.

An individual can seek criminal records for various reasons. One of the most common reasons to seek a criminal history record through CCRE is when one anticipates commencing a background search for a new job. However, an individual who has a criminal history has to make sure that their criminal record has accurate information. Also, an individual must understand the content of a criminal record properly before accessing their prospective employers.

The fact is that most of the employers and recruiters conduct background checks in the state of Virginia on their potential employees. Such background checks comprise accessing basic details, which are publicly available, as well as, had a criminal record that the CCRE maintains.

Procedure to Procure Criminal Records from CCRE

There are three forms of searches and requests made available by the CCRE for a person in Virginia. The good thing is that a person can request for his/her criminal record that the CCRE maintains for the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Central Criminal Records Exchange enables a person to request their criminal record via them. In case a person so wishes the FBI criminal records, as well as the Commonwealth of Virginia criminal records, can be requested together via CCRE.

Virginia Criminal Records Search

The CCRE website has the record request forms for processing all the three different forms of requests for criminal history records. The fees charged by the agency are different for these three types of requests. When a person wishes to procure simply the CCRE record, they should pay a fee of 13 USD for that request along with the application. For an FBI record, the person has to pay a fee of 24 USD.

Last, but not least, when individual wishes to procure both kinds of criminal records through CCRE, the application for the same should be accompanied by a fee of 37 USD.

CCRE takes a period of 12 – 14 days to process the request for a criminal history record. After they process the request, the relevant records will then be sent to the requestor through 1st class United States Mail.

There are other alternative resources also available to procure a criminal record in the state of Virginia. Apart from CCRE, a criminal history record can be also procured via the FBI. The agency follows its own set of guidelines, regulations, and rules to procure these records.

In Virginia, an individual wishing to obtain a criminal record can also do from one of the state’s district courts. An example is when an individual has been prosecuted for a criminal offense in any of the counties in the state; they can obtain a criminal record from that county’s district court.

Virginia Criminal Records Search

Public Records in Virginia

The website of Virginia State Records aims to offer the tools to each individual for seeking out and obtaining the public records of the state. It is perfectly legal to request such records and information as they are considered public records.

The key objective of this website is to ensure that the general public enjoys effective and smooth access to the public records of the state. One can get these records without furnishing any personal detail with the exception when a court law or order needs that a record should be treated as confidential. The site features criminal records alone with vital records, court records, state background checks, and more than 75 million public records.

Virginia Online Criminal Records Search

Public records provide information about criminal offenses, so when searching for such records, you will get access to criminal data. Instead of searching criminal records with official authorities, you can perform an online Virginia criminal records search with a professional public records directory. There are several websites that provide such access, so you can use the website that provides the best service.

After choosing a public records directory, you will be able to search for online Virginia criminal records about any person that you want. To perform a search, you need to provide the directory you chose with information about the person whose criminal records you want to find. Most directories provide four types of directories for you to choose from - a name search, a phone number search, an email search, or a physical address search. Then, the directory will scan public records in search of criminal data. The end result is a detailed report about the individual's criminal history that you will receive in a matter of minutes.  

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 5, 2021
Sensitive Information!