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How to Check and Search Criminal Records in Wisconsin?

According to the Wisconsin Open Records Law, all government-generated records and information are to be always available to the public. The Wisconsin laws state that every person has a right to obtain and look through criminal records of convicted felons. These records can be found without divulging personal information unless made confidential by constitutional, statutory or court law.

The laws of Wisconsin explicitly state that an individual cannot be discriminated when applying for a job, based on their previous criminal record. However, there are a few exceptions when it comes to the sexual offenders' list. For example, people who have been arrested and have served time for the distribution of child pornography cannot be allowed to take up jobs where they will be in close proximity to children.

Wisconsin Criminal Records Search
Wisconsin Circuit Court Access

The State of Wisconsin is one of the few states that allow full, unrestricted, and unimpeded access to all the public records online. Any person who is looking for the information of another can do so free of cost.

The website of the Wisconsin Court, the "Wisconsin Circuit Court Access", has all the information about the felons which have been convicted in their halls, the crimes that they were booked for, and the amount of jail time that they had to serve if any.

In addition to being free, the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access is quite easy to use, complete with an intuitive interface. In order to search for the criminal record of a convicted felon, the person searching simply has to input the first and last names of the offender. In case there are many offenders of the same name, there are other filters available too, such as the date of birth and the county of the convict.

Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry

Just like other criminal record histories in Wisconsin, the state also provides for free access of the sexual offender history. The Wisconsin Department of Corrections Registrant search engine is the online directory that allows any individual or organization to search for the sexual offender history of another person.

Criminal Records Search Wisconsin
Employee Background Checks

If an organization or business wants to check the criminal background of another person for the purposes of an employee background check, they can do so by contacting the Wisconsin Department of Justice. Maintaining over 1.3 million criminal records. the Department of Justice includes data from various public offices around the state, including the offices of district attorneys, law enforcement agencies, and district and municipal courts in Wisconsin.

In order to request an employee check, a fingerprint card will have to be submitted to the Wisconsin Department of Crime Information Bureau. In addition to the fingerprints, a Criminal History Challenge Form will also have to be submitted.

Wisconsin Jail Records

Information pertaining to the jail time faced by a particular person in Wisconsin can be accessed through the Offender Locator Portal. Through this portal, accessing the inmate information about any person becomes a breeze. In order for the portal to work, the last name of the individual in question will have to be inserted, at the minimum.

Through the Offender Locator Portal, different kinds of information can be found about the individual in question, including their crime, the amount of time they were incarcerated, the county where their disposition or case was heard, and their current status. In addition to this, the locator also denotes whether the individual in question is still serving time in Wisconsin correctional facilities, or are under active community supervision, or whether they have been reformed and let go.

Wisconsin Online Criminal Records Search

If you need to find Wisconsin offenders and look up their criminal history, you can perform an online criminal records search. To find such records, you need to get access to public records, which is available in websites that are intended for background checks. When performing an online Wisconsin criminal records search, you need to have an individual's phone number, full name, email address, or physical address.

Once you have one of these details, the website that you chose will scan public records and aggregate criminal records data from them. Once the search is complete, you will receive an online report that contains the individual's name, arrest records, court records, and additional information.  

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 18, 2022
Sensitive Information!