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How to Check and Search Criminal Records in Wyoming?

A criminal record, or a history of arrest within the State of Wyoming, can be obtained by a person through applying to the Division of Criminal Investigation with an applicant fingerprint card. There are many reasons behind why a person may want to check their criminal records, and there are times when an employer may want to tie a check on their employees criminal and arrest history as well.

In all such cases, the information can only be accessed by providing the applicant fingerprint card, along with a processing amount that depends on a statute set by the State of Wyoming.

How Can a Criminal Record Be Obtained in Wyoming?

A person who wants to check their criminal record can do so by performing a voluntary check of their records. What this means is that the individual can obtain information on their criminal and arrest history, and if they feel the need to, they could further allow access to that information to people of their choosing.

The applicant to obtain a criminal record must be sent to the Division of Criminal Investigation in Wyoming, along with the following:

  • The applicant's fingerprint card.
  • A fee as decided upon by the State.
Wyoming Criminal Records Search

The fee in question is usually $15 for records pertaining specifically to arrest and activity within Wyoming is $15. If an applicant fingerprint card is not available, then an additional $5 will be required to process and make the same before the criminal records can be accessed and obtained. If the criminal record pertains to crimes and arrest that fall under 5ge jurisdiction of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, then an additional $24 will have to be submitted during the application.

Why Is an Applicant's Fingerprint Card Necessary to Obtain Criminal Records in Wyoming?

The primary reason why an applicant fingerprint card is so important when running criminal record checks is that it provides a greater deal of accuracy in locating and proving the records and information. A name does not necessarily carry with it the same authenticity as it can be changed or lead to the location of incorrect records within the system.

A fingerprint is an identity unique to the person it belongs to. That is why it provides a greater degree of accuracy when looking for criminal records.

Searches related to criminal records depend on positive identification, and without fingerprint searches, it is more difficult to locate accurate criminal records from within the system.

When an applicant fingerprint card is provided during the request, then it ensures that a positive identification can easily be obtained by matching the fingerprint on the card to those within the arrest files in the State. This leads to both fast, secure and accurate location of the relevant criminal records.

Wyoming Criminal Records Search
What Kind of Information Can Be Obtained by Applying for a Criminal Records Search in Wyoming?

All information related to a person's criminal history within the state of Wyoming can be obtained by running a criminal records search. If there is any information related to criminal records that fall outside the jurisdiction and statute of the State but within that of the FBI, then the FBI must be contacted directly to get access to such information.

It usually takes within two weeks to obtain the results of a criminal records check in Wyoming. However, if the application was provided during a time when many such requests were placed, then it can take up to five weeks to obtain criminal records.

The information obtained from a criminal record search in Wyoming include:

  • A history of arrest and conviction within Wyoming.
  • A history of arrest and conviction within the Western Identification Network. These are a group of seven States including Alaska, Nevada, Montana, Oregon, Idaho, Washington as well as Utah.
  • The records contain all felonies, high misdemeanors and other misdemeanors specified as necessary for the record by the State.
  • Only when it is authorized by and within the power of the State's legal system can such a record also include information from federal records as well.

Such criminal records may be expunged, depending on the person's eligibility towards the same. But unless expunged, they are recorded within the system and can be located by applying for the same.

Wyoming Online Criminal Records Search

Finding criminal records in the traditional methods mentioned above can take some time. So, many people choose to use an online criminal records search service that can provide them with the same data at a fraction of the time and cost as the traditional search. To perform an online search, you need to pick a background check website that can give you access to public records. Once you provide the website of your choosing with a detail about the person you are searching, it will scan Wyoming public records, and provide you with an online Wyoming criminal records search report.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 17, 2022
Sensitive Information!