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Yasmine Bleeth Arrest Records Born in 1968, in New York City, to Carina (a model) and Philip Bleeth, a businessman, Yasmine Bleeth is a former actor, famous for her role as Caroline Holden on Baywatch, the hit television series in the 80s. Her father is of Russian-German-Jewish descent, while her mother was of Algerian descent. Bleeth's acting profession originated from her early role in an advertisement for Johnson and Johnson's "No More Tears" baby shampoo.
She was ten months at the time. She made appearances on Candid Camera at the age of six. In the same period of time, she was seen in a Max Factor cosmetic advertisement with another model, Christina Ferrare. Francesco Scavullo, a renowned fashion photographer of the time, noticed her and wanted to publish photos of her and her mother in his upcoming book, Scavullo Women, which he did. In many interviews, she has stated that she wasn't "attractive to the opposite sex" when she was a young girl.
Yasmine Bleeth Criminal Records
Career Highlights

Twelve-year-old Bleeth was cast in her first major acting role in 1980. Buddy Hackett was her co-star in the film, Hey Babe! She then appeared in a Scope commercial with the band, Menudo. Consequently, she was seen in a daytime soap, Ryan's Hope. That was in 1989, but the show was soon canceled.

After that, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and passed away at the age of 47. Bleeth was devastated in her grief and turned down acting offers for months after that. Off acting for eight months, Bleeth decided that it was time to start again when she got the role of LeeAnn Demerest in the daytime soap opera called One Life to Live.
The major cornerstone and turning point of her career came with her role in Baywatch (where she starred with Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff) in which she was critically acclaimed and featured on the list of People magazine's Fifty Most Beautiful People (in 1995). She has won accolades for her roles on television shows. Subsequently, she was offered roles in films and television shows. Bleeth has been involved in charity work, raising funds for breast cancer treatment and research.

Career Downfalls

Though Bleeth's career was going well by all considerations, it was cut short in 2000 when she voluntarily admitted herself into the Promises Rehabilitation Clinic - this is a Malibu-based drug dependence treatment center.  Bleeth had a major cocaine dependence and was adamant to overcome it. She met her husband, Paul Cerrito there. The two fell in love and married in 2002, in Santa Barbara, in California. They are still married and live in Arizona and Los Angeles, dividing time between two homes.

Yasmine Bleeth  Police Records
The story of the crime

In September of 2001, Bleeth was arrested in Michigan, in Romulus city - her car veered off the highway, landing upon a median of Interstate 94. She and her soon-to-be husband were on their way to Detroit Airport. Fortunately, no other vehicles or people were harmed or involved.

On examination of the car, as was standard protocol, the police discovered four syringes containing cocaine and a small plastic bag with cocaine residue. The police investigated further and found more cocaine and drug paraphernalia in Bleeth's hotel room. By way of a plea bargain in 2001, Bleeth pleaded guilty to the possession of fewer than 25 grams of cocaine.

She also confessed to driving while intoxicated. She was sentenced to two years of probation with a hundred hours of community service. She was promised that her record of felonies would be cleared after serving her probation sentence. Her record was cleared by January of 2004. She told Glamour magazine about her rocky road to recovery and how hard it was to maintain her sobriety.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 2, 2022
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