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How Can a Dad Ensure His Children Are Protected After He Moves Out?

by Alvin V.

How Can a Dad Ensure His Children Are Protected After He Moves Out

How Can Dads Protect Kids After They Move Out?

If you and your wife are separating and you have decided to move out, one thing that you will obviously have to think about is how children are affected when the dad moves out. Whether it’s just temporary or something permanent, having to experience their parents physically literally splitting up is never easy for kids.

Even if you no longer share the same address as your children, as a parent, you would still want the best for your kids and ensure that they are safe and provided for. Below, we discuss some of the steps you can take to protect kids even if you no longer live under the same roof as them.

How Can A Dad Ensure His Children Are Protected After He Moves Out

Get a Joint Legal and Physical Custody

One of the best ways to ensure that you can be, and will be involved in your children’s lives is by getting a joint legal and physical custody. This legally allows both you and the mother to assume responsibility of taking care of the kids and make decisions regarding their lives. It means that even if the dad moves out, the kids can come and visit, stay weekends and holidays, etc. You can work out the arrangement with the mother depending on your work schedule and other factors.

Joint custody also allows you to have a say in the upbringing of the kids, as well as other decision-making responsibilities. In other words, you are still very much involved in their lives, even though you have moved out.

Make Sure That You Spend Quality Time with the Kids

Getting joint custody means that you are allowed to spend plenty of time with your children, so make sure you don’t waste whatever time you have with them. Always make the most of the days you get to be with them, and show through your words and actions that even though you may not live together anymore, you still love them all the same and your relationship doesn’t have to change. Eat their favorite foods with them, play with them, talk to them, take them to their favorite restaurants. Give them a hundred percent of your attention every time.

Make Your New Home Feels Like Their Home

Once you move out and you get your own place, remember that your new home will be a place where your kids will be spending a lot of their time in. It’s like a second home to them, so make sure that they feel at home. Understand that living in two houses can be a strange experience for children, and try your best to help them feel safe and comfortable in your new home. For instance, make sure they have their own bedroom. If you want to protect kids after you move out, giving them their own space in your new home is a great step.

Dad Moves Out

Make Sure You Let Them Know It’s Not Their Fault

Children often blame themselves if things don’t work out between their parents. Take the time to emphasize that the decision to move out has nothing to do with them. Make sure your kids understand that splitting up isn’t their fault and that no one is blaming them. Sit down with them and reassure them that they are still very much loved by both parents and that they are not at fault.

Don’t Make Promises You Don’t Intend to Keep

Lastly, always be honest and upfront with your children. A dad protecting his kids doesn’t mean telling them whatever they want to hear to keep them happy. It means being honest with them and not making empty promises that you cannot or have no intention of keeping. This will only upset them more.


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