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Why You Should Not Date a Married Man!

by Rachel Greene

Reasons Not to Date a Married Man, Dating Married Men

Why Dating Married Men is Bad for You

Finding a relationship that is worth having is one of the most difficult challenges in life. Unfortunately, many of us end up falling in love with someone that cannot provide us with what we need, like people in a marriage. Dating a married man is more challenging than a traditional relationship, and like many people who have dated married men can tell you – it is not a good idea. It might be difficult to get to a point where you break up with your married boyfriend, but eventually, it is the best thing for everyone. Why? These reasons not to date a married man will make it clear for you.

Should I Marry a Married Man?

The short answer to this question is a big NO, and these are just some of the reasons not to date a married man:

1. Cheating reflects badly on his personality

Cheating usually indicates that there is something wrong in the relationship that needs fixing. Cheating is the easy way out, and it gives cheating men the relief they need for the problems they have. This is a red flag for how a married man will treat you
when you run into problems; he will choose the easy way out instead of dealing with the problem and solving it without hurting anyone.

2. He will commit to you, even if he says so

The act of cheating is very exhilarating for certain people, and they are usually more in love with the feeling their partner in cheating gives them than they are with the said partner. When you have an affair with a man that sweeps you off your feet, you need to look at the ground; married man will not commit to another woman for various reasons, even if it may seem like they do. As hard as it is, you need to focus on the married man's behavior and not his words. More often than not, he will tell you that he wants to commit to you without doing anything about it.

Reasons Not to Date a Married Man

3. You deserve better than a married man

Dating married men means sharing them with their wives and families and not getting the undivided attention you deserve, and you DO. You should not settle on a part-time relationship at best but search for the person who will love you at all times, and not only when it suits him.

4. It takes up too much time and energy

If you ask yourself should I date a married man, think about what it will be like for the both of you; cheating means constantly looking over your shoulder, wondering what his wife knows, and not being certain about how it will all end. It also means spending a lot of energy on sneaking around, hiding, and lying – not to mention the psychological tole cheating with a married man can take in you.

5. It will cause trust issues

A cheating husband is a cheating man, period. Whatever the reason was that led your partner to cheat on his wife, the bottom line is the same – he is a cheater. Once you realize that, you will have trust issues with him and other people you go out with. Also, who is to say you are his only affair? Maybe he is cheating with other women? His unfaithfulness will cause you to have trust issues with him and other people, and it is just not worth it.

Dating Married Men

6. Your time is wasted

The time you invest in having a relationship with a married man is a time you can spend on having a relationship with someone who can commit to. Dating married men mean not dating single men, and you could be missing out on great people that are more suited for you when you go out with someone who has a wife.

7. He gets it all while you get the least

A man who cheats on his wife gets to have the best of both worlds; he has a committed relationship at home and a sexual relationship on the side. Having two relationships is having the best of both worlds what you are left having bits and pieces of your partner's time and attention.

8. You are often left with the short end of the stick

When you fall in love with someone who is not all there, you are left feeling constantly hurt and even sad. These types of relationship are very limiting – you cannot call your partner when you want, you have to share him with another woman, you have to hide, and do other things that end up hurting you.

Should I Date a Married Man

Dating married men can be very thrilling but once the initial excitement is gone, what will you be left with? If you are looking for reasons not to date a married man, ask yourself this question and remember all the reasons listed above. They will help you make the best decision for you.

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