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Dating Co-Workers - 10 Tips

by Peggy B.

Dating Co-Worker 10 Tips, Tips for Dating Co-Workers
Dating Co-Worker - 10 Tips

The dating pool has never been more accessible. There are so many options in 2018 whatever your tastes are, whether you’re straight, gay or bisexual. However, sometimes people find themselves in situations where they are attracted to a coworker, and even more rarely, sometimes those feelings are reciprocated. Have a look at our ten tips you must follow while dating a co-worker to keep both of you safe and happy.

1. Stick to the company policy – There are more than a few companies that have policies regarding inter-office dating. Some of them mildly discourage it while others straight up demand that you keep all dating off office premises. You must be very careful as you tread this boundary. Crossing it can alienate you from the management and your colleagues, and it could very well cost you your job. The bottom line is, if your company says that relationships are a no-no, it’s probably best to listen to them if you want to keep your job.

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2. Think about what is important to you – Was this job very hard to get? Did it come at the cost of something? What do you value more? Your career or romance? Answer these questions truthfully because they will tell you what you need to know. No answer is wrong; if you value the relationship more, then go for it by all means, and the same goes for if you value your career more.

3. Don’t tell anyone – Resist the temptation to tell anyone. You might find it being used against you as leverage in the future. If the relationship doesn’t work out, but you’ve told someone about it, it could be used to blackmail you in the future.

4. Keep it professional – Save all the hot stuff for when you’re at home. Keep it light and professional at work, especially near the water cooler.

5. Establish some ground rules – Talk to your SO (significant other) or fling about how you’d like to proceed. How are you going to talk to each other at work? Are you going to tell anyone? Establish some rules so that both of you know what to expect from each other in a professional setting.

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6. Have an exit plan – While this doesn’t make for a very romantic conversation, it is important to have an exit plan so that both of you can make it out unscathed if things go bad. Even if it’s all sunshine and rainbows, talk to each other about how you will handle your breakup at work if you do decide to part ways.

7. Date your peers – This isn’t a hard rule, but it makes it easier for everyone involved if you stick to dating your peers. Dating a person in a position of power over you can turn bad very easily and very quickly.

8. Don’t trash talk – Most relationships end with breakups, and that’s a normal thing. Leave your personal issues with each other at home. If you’re having an argument with your SO, don’t trash talk about them at work or on social media. Play it calm, cool and collected.

9. Remember that you’re there to work – It’s very easy to get caught up in a romantic situation. However, you must remember that you are there to work and that should be your first priority. Save the fun and laughter for drinks after work.

10. Don’t only talk about work – If work is the only common ground you have with your partner, try doing different things together so that you’ll have more to talk about. Talking about work all the time doesn’t help you grow as individuals and as a couple. Consider going on a trip together so that you’ll have something else to talk about.

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