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Are You Dating a Stalker? Check these Cyber Stalking Signs

by Eddie V.

Are You Dating a Stalker, Cyber Stalking Signs

Signs You Are Dating a Cyber Stalker

The fun and excitement of dating can create tiny butterflies in your stomach and make your heart flutter. You enjoy going on dates and can’t wait for the next one. You decide on your clothes before the next date. Dating is usually a lot of fun and joy until things start getting creepy.

You tend to trust your partner whom you are dating and according to you, he or she is the last person who would stalk you. Why? Because you guys are dating.

However, dating does not guarantee that the other person is not a creep. There are many cases where the partners are the stalkers. Your partner may know more about you than you have ever let out in front of them. Do you think you are facing the same problem but are unable to tell if it is just possessiveness or actual stalking? Read on for some of the signs of cyberstalking.

Are You Dating a Stalker

1. They seem to know everything about you

This is a no-brainer. If you have only just let out the top of the glacier about your personal life, but your partner knows what’s deep down, it is enough to lighten the danger light. Whatever you choose to reveal on your date is your choice, which includes your professional and personal life about friends and family.

If you are sitting having a normal conversation, and your partner says something about you that you are sure was never discussed between you before, you should raise your guard.

However, do not react immediately as it is possible that you may have slipped it out at some point. Take it as a cue and stay alert for more such conversations and things that were never discussed between you, but that your partner seems to know.

If it continues, it is possible that your partner found out everything about you. From where? The Internet is a vast place that has everything. Your social media posts tell a lot about you. Proceed with caution and share only what is needed on your social media profiles.

Cyber Stalking Signs

2. They get way too personal

Imagine you are browsing through your social media profile one fine day, and you find your partner’s name pop up in connection to somebody else in your life, your BFF, maybe. Or they could even find their way to get connected to your sibling or parent. This should be a big red flag for you. Whether or not you are connected to them on social media plays no role here, and you should take this as a warning sign.

This is what is known as fixation, according to psychology. Your partner may think it is perfectly normal for them to get connected with people of your personal space that might not include him yet. Through social media, they try to get a clearer picture of you and your personal life.

Cyber Stalker

3. They are super attentive

Have you ever found someone who pays you excessive attention, so much that you want to puke and scream? This is one of the signs that you may be dating a stalker. They would take care of each and every need of yours before you get a chance to even ask about it. If you think things are going a little out of hand, do not be afraid to tell them off and to ask them to stop. If they are unable to understand such a simple and forthright message, do not hesitate to simply block them from all places that you know of.

These were some of the signs that your partner may actually be a cyber stalker. You must take proactive steps against such persons so that you can enjoy your life without any anxiety.


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