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Dating Fails and How to Avoid Them

by Robert K.

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Dating Fails: Reasons Why We May be Failing at Dating and How to Fix it!

Everyone who is single knows the struggle of getting back in the game and putting yourself out there. From finding girls on dating apps to meeting someone at a concert or bar, the pressure to give a good first impression is essential to your chances. There are a few things you may be doing wrong in the crazy dating game. Here are a few that might be the reason why.

Don’t Look for Perfection

Well, it does not exist in reality, but in our culture, we have created such a huge mess by keeping the standards of beauty and perfection so high that it’s virtually impossible to be like that. Instead of perfection, try looking for shared values and interests that can kick-start the relationship.

Don’t Be Arrogant

As the saying goes, your ego is the biggest stumbling block, and it’s the most pronounced when you are dating. Note how your date speaks about themselves, and how they describe themselves. Do they have an inflates image of themselves? If they are talking about their achievements, is there a normal sense of pride or an endless description? Humility is perhaps the most underrated of traits that we seek in our partners. An inflated ego will cause suffering in a relationship.

First Date Tips
Information is to be Shared on a Need-To-Know Basis

Even if prompted by your date to reveal your dating history, you might want to share just what she needs to know and not how you were almost engaged your ex, and she broke it off and that you were heartbroken and depressed for days. Your date will turn the other way and run. Other personal details like the problems in your family are also for a later date. While dating, share the information that has been asked honestly but avoids the details. 

Subtlety over Extravagance

Ladies, do not go for your date like you would walk a ramp at a pageant. It doesn’t matter how good you are at makeup, men want to look into your eyes and not the eyeshadow, eyeliner and extra long fake eyelashes with mascara. Boys, the Armani suit and Rolex can be saved to impress your boss. These temporary disguises are just that, disguises that hide our true self. The simpler you are on the outside, the easier it feels to access who you are inside.

Mind your Manners

Both of you are looking for clues in each other that reveals something about each other. Being rude to others and complaining are total red flags. Being rude and inconsiderate to the staff is a turn off like nothing else. Women who call other women names wouldn’t hesitate to do the same about you behind your back; Men who are rude to a waitress might treat you the same one day.

Dating Tips
Forget the Age

The times are changing, and age is not relevant when it comes to dating anymore. There are more men willing to date older women. In Miguel Almaraz’s book, WTF Are Men Thinking? he conducted a poll that found 66% of men are willing to date older women for one reason only: Experience

Don’t Pretend to be Someone You are Not

In the competitive online atmosphere, being true to yourself is essential. If you pretend to be someone you are not, you will end up on dates with people compatible with your online façade and not who you are.

Keep the Date Simple

You might be tempted to take your date go-karting to show her that you are fun and think out-of-the-box, but it may either work or backfire. The tried-and-tested movie-and-dinner dates are perhaps the best for the first few dates before you know each other well enough to go for more fun and exciting dates.


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