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Not Only Groupon: Get to Know the Best Deal Websites!

by Keren P.

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Best Online Deal Websites

There are so many coupons and deal websites available and so finding items with discounts are simpler than ever before. If you can access the best deal website, there is no need to buy a product by paying the full price again. However, it is unfortunate that all deal websites are not good enough to help you in tracking the proper promo codes or right coupons for the item you wish to purchase. There are some discount websites that are simply overhyped online stores which give you the impression that they are offering you an attractive deal. However, the reality is that they hike their prices a lot so that even after the discount they offer, you actually end up paying much more than what the same item would cost on other websites.

According to a survey conducted in the United States, around 8 in every 10 Americans like to shop online. Plus, approximately 79 percent of the Americans have made online purchases at some point in time.

In case you are one of those online shoppers, you need to study some of these tools and websites so that your hard-earned income can be saved with only a few clicks.

So, here are some of the best online deal sites, which are useful to achieve that purpose.

1. Woot

It is considered one of the original sites for daily deals. Amazon bought the company some years ago and expanded the deals range greatly. The site has an excellent deal each day and also has other deals list. It enables the public to also vote on whether they hate or like these deals. You need not even sign up in case you want to participate in any discussion. Simply sign in with your Amazon ID. It is a good alternative to social media giant Facebook to also get engaged in community opinions.

2. Ben’s Bargains

It is regarded as a comprehensive deal website. In fact, Ben’s Bargains offers up to two hundred different deals daily from as many as two thousand retailers. It is possible to check up the price history of a product to know the price trends, as well as, sign up in order to receive deal alerts on the deals a user is interested in. It intends to compete with Amazon by including an attractive feature, which highlights items that cost less on other sites compared to Amazon.


It is a thorough deal site, which has incorporated may other deal websites over the years. The deal site has a tendency to focus on clothing and electronics. It features excellent search functions, which help the users what they desire for easily and fast. Electronics deals here comprise of Vs, computers, SPS, home entertainment, and many more.

You can search directly for what you want to see the deals in your area of interest, and also see which ones have recently expired.


It is a massive site that constitutes of products from as many as six thousand retailers. The portal is updated on a daily basis and users can search by either the brand or the store name for items in around three hundred distinct categories. It is also possible to choose the kind of deal they want like a general discount or a coupon code.

5. Bargainist

It is also considered to be one of the best deal websites and keeps updating its deals always. The most recent ones are listed on the top always. Users can find deals from all possible stores that can actually think of like Amazon, Old Navy, The Home Depot, Best Buy, Macy’s Gap, and so on. Its deals also constitute regular coupons and discounts.


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