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 How to Find Death Records in Maine?

When a person dies, it is definitely a sad event for relatives. One thing they need to do midst the mourning is to collect the death record. Many people miss out on doing this and end up in problems later. The death record is required for many purposes. It is a vital record just like the record of birth. The record needs to be collected without fail from the agency in the state that issues death records.

Reasons why you might need death records

There would be many assets of a person in his/her name, including bank accounts, property, businesses, etc. When the person dies, these assets have to be transferred to the natural heir or to a person named in the will. In order to this, producing a death certificate is mandatory. Without it, this won’t be possible. Claiming insurance and any other death benefits would also require a copy of the death record to be produced. It is needed by genealogists who prepare family trees.

Information in death records

The death record is a certified vital record that contains details of the deceased person. The name of the deceased person, date of birth, date of death, time of death, place of death, and the cause of death is mentioned on the death certificate. In the state of Maine, the death certificate is issued by the Data, Research, and Vital Statistics (DRVS), Department of Health and Human Services.

How to Get a Maine Death Records

Who can Obtain Death Records?

In Maine, only the following can obtain a death record:

1) The spouse or partner of the deceased person

2) The parents of the deceased

3) Descendants of the deceased – children, grandchildren

4) Any legal guardian

5) Genealogists approved by the department

Death Records Database Online is a third party website that has maintained records of death and birth online. These records are available for informational purposes and can be accessed by anyone. Since Maine is a closed state, only close relatives can obtain death records. Anyone else who wants to view death records can do by visiting this website.


Obtaining Death Records

The death record can be obtained online from The details of the deceased person like date of death, place of death, name, and date of birth need to be mentioned. The details of the applicant including relationship need to be entered and proof enclosed. The fee to be paid is $15 for the first copy and a processing fee of $12.95. Payment can be done online through a credit card/debit card. The record will be mailed within a week. For expedited shipping, an additional fee is charged.

Maine Death Records
It is possible to place the order over the phone by providing all details, including credit card details for payment. The fee is $27.95 plus fee for expedited shipping (if the option is chosen). The phone number to be called to avail of this service is 1-877-523-2659.

The records can be collected in person by visiting the office on 220 Capitol Street, State House Station 11, Augusta from 9-4 (Mon-Fri). The fee is $15 that can be paid by cash.

To order by mail, the application can be downloaded online from and filled in. Proof of relationship/ID proof and the fee of $15 in the form of a check/money order payable to Treasurer – State of Maine can be sent to:

Maine CDC,

220 Capitol Street,

11 State House Station,

Augusta, Maine 04333-0011.

Apart from certified records, the department also offers non-certified records. These records can be obtained in the same way as described above by walk-in or mail. The fee is $10.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on September 23, 2020
Sensitive Information!