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Deep Web Search People Search: How to Find People Information Using People Search Engines

by Ciara C.

Deep Web People Search, People Search Deep Web

How to Use People Search Engines to Find Information?

What is the Deep Web?

The Deep web, otherwise known as the hidden web or the invisible web is the part of the internet that is not indexed, meaning it is not searchable. When one runs a google or bing search, it searches the surface web which is all the indexed content on the web. We all use the deep web when checking email, or logging in to our bank accounts, but this is accessible to people only with the password/access code. Some people confuse the dark web and the deep web, however, they are very different. The dark web is included within the deep web, as the dark web is not indexed, but to use the dark web, you would need a software or program, the dark web is traditionally used for illegal markets. 

Deep Web Search People Search

The deep web is estimated to have 500 times more content than the surface web, but traditional search engines cannot access this content and that is where a deep web search comes in. You may need to look for a lost family member or friend, but doing a surface web search with google didn’t work, and the next step is the deep web. The deep web provides a lot more information than the surface web as it can also run searches on records and scan social media information. 

This article will explain what you need to run a deep web search and the best search engines and websites to run a people's search within the dark web. 

Where to Begin a Deep Web Search

A great place to start a search for someone would be to run a deep web search. This is fairly simple and works the same way traditional search engines such as Google and bing work, except the results of the search will be more extensive. It is important to include keywords along with the name such as the city they live if you know this information in order to narrow down the search results. 

People Search Deep Web

Here are two of the best search engines to begin your search: 


DuckDuckGo is a unique search engine because it runs a search on both the surface web and the deep web. This particular search engine emphasizes privacy and advertises that it does not save any of your data, so if you are someone who doesn’t like to be ad targeted this is the search engine for you. Because of this feature, every given search term will yield the same results no matter who is searching for it. DuckDuckGo also focuses on providing the best results as opposed to the most results. 


Torch is a very fast technology, but it is not just a search engine, it is a browser, so it is necessary to download the program, the process is simple and exactly like downloading Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Aside from its ability to search the deep web, Torch also includes all downloading software, so you do not need extra programs in order to download media. 

Deep Web People Search Sites

Aside from search engines, there are dedicated deep web sites that are there to help you find information about a lost family member or friend you fell out of touch with. Most of these services work the same way that surface web people search services work, and are accessible on any browser. 



MyLife is a deep web search that aggregates information from social and government sources amongst others. Running a people search using Mylife can give you a certain amount of information for free including age, family members, nicknames, estimated income and more. With a paid subscription you can access criminal records, court records, lawsuits contact information and more. MyLife also has a survey section where you can rate the query based on reputation. 

They have several different subscription options, the cheapest being 14 dollars a month for a yearly subscription and most expensive being 17 dollars for a 3-month subscription. MyLife also offers a 3 day trial for 1 dollar. 

Deep Web Search

Spokeo, which was founded in 2006, is a people search directory that also searches the deep web to provide its users with information about people in the United States. The site aggregates over 12 billion different records to provide data including contact information, social media information, known addresses, criminal records, sex offenses and more. Spokeo also has a reverse phone search which allows you to get all the owner information of any number that you have.

The primary purpose of Spokeo is to help people reunite with one another. Thanks to the information available on the website which is gathered from surface and deep web data, you can find people from your past and reconnect with them. Additionally, you can find data about people who are currently a part of your life.

Spokeo charged a subscription fee of 23.76 a month but offers discounts if you purchase longer plans. 19.95 for a 6-month subscription. You can also purchase individual reports per person. 

Pipl search


Pipl is a website that offers a people search option. It is well known to be used by investigators and analysts because of its top-quality content. Pipl is used by investigative journalists as well as law enforcement. Pipl can build a complete identity profile off of a single data point such as a social media handle or email address. 

Pipl uses bots to interact with databases and extract information from profiles, directories, court records, and other deep web sources. The system then uses an algorithm to bring the most relevant pieces of data, so you get the result in an easy to read page. 

Pipl is a bit pricey, with its annual subscription for one user costing 300 dollars, this is due to the higher quality of its information. The service also has plans that allow for more users on the same account for a discounted price. Pipl does also offer a free trial, you will need to fill out your details to use this feature. 

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