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Delaware Voting Registration Information and Registration Process

by Keren P.

Register to Vote Delaware, Delaware Register to Vote

Registering to Vote in Delaware

The state heads elections in the United States. The process is different in every state and can be overwhelming for someone with no clue about it, primarily when they have not registered to vote. Registration is mandatory for a vote in every state of the US. The process for recording to be a voter in the state of Delaware is explained in this article.

Prerequisites for voting in Delaware:

To register to vote in Delaware, the applicant must be-

1. A citizen of the United States.
2. A permanent resident of Delaware (Delaware must be their home).
3. Eighteen years of age, or older, on Election Day.

What the applicant must not be, are-

1. Proved mentally incompetent by a court of law.
2. A felon who has not finished serving their sentence or parole.
3. A person convicted of a disqualifying felony and has not been pardoned. A disqualifying offense is one of the following-
  • Murder or manslaughter, (except those caused by accidents, viz. vehicular homicide).
  • An offense against public administration such as bribery, abuse of office, improper influence or similar.
  • A sexual offense or similar.
Register to Vote Delaware

Registration can be done online, in person, via email or the phone.

Registering online in Delaware:

Online registration can be done on one of the websites below-


Applicants must adhere to the terms and conditions before filling the form online. The form requires necessary information about the applicants, after which the entries are validated.

Registering by mail in Delaware:

There are two forms through which mail registration is accepted-

The form must be filled, signed and mailed along with a copy of accepted IDs to the Department of Elections’ office for the county the applicant lives in. The list of these offices is available here-

Registering by phone in Delaware:

Applicants can call up an office of the Department of elections and have an application mailed to them. The list of contact numbers of these offices is also available on the link

Delaware Register to Vote

Registering in person in Delaware:

A citizen can visit one of these offices to register in person –

  • Any of the Department's Offices that the form is to be sent to. The form can be handed over in person as well.
  • Division of Motor Vehicles (while getting or updating the Driver License and State ID Services)
  • State Service Centers (Department of Health and Social Services) when applying for certain services.
  • The Department of Labor- Division of Training and the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.
  • WIC Program offices.
  • Armed Forces Recruitment Offices.
  • Certain Social Security offices.
  • The State Election Commissioner's Office.
  • At places of higher education when you register for classes.

General guidelines for voting in Delaware:

Registration must be completed 24 days before Election Day.

The applicant must carry ID proof when voting for the first time. This could be either-

- A valid photo ID.
- A current utility bill, government check, paycheck, bank statement, or government document with the voter’s name and address.

It is the voter's responsibility to register to vote before the deadlines and keep their registration information up-to-date.


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