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Too Many Nintendo 3DS Games? Here is How to Delete Them!

by Keren P.

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How to Delete Games and Apps From Nintendo 3DS

Avid gamers often find it difficult to play their favorite games on the go. Gaming consoles are bulky and immobile. To ensure gaming enthusiasts do not have to choose between gaming and commuting, Nintendo launched the 3DS in 2010. Nintendo 3DS is a handheld gaming console. Not only is the 3DS compact but can also produce 3D effects without the user having to put on 3D glasses.


3D screen:
The 3DS comes with a 3.5-inch wide 3D screen with a resolution of 80x240 pixels. Thanks to the parallax- based technology, characters, and graphics look more realistic, which means you do not have to wear 3D glasses for a superior gaming experience.

3D depth slider:
The 3D depth slider helps you control the amount of 3D you want. Located on the right side of the device, the depth slider also helps you control your viewing distance.

Near Field Communication reader:
A feature in newer Nintendo gaming devices, the NFC reader helps gamers use amiibo figures such as Mario and cards with compatible games.


Notification LED:
The 3DS uses its Notification LED to notify users about the current status of the device.

C-stick and circle pad: 
The C stick and Circle pad are located at opposite sides. While the C stick provides more controlling options, the circle pad allows for 360-degree control, which helps enhance your gaming experience.

The 3DS comes with two front-facing cameras that can click 3D snaps and a user-facing camera that takes 2D pictures. When clicking snaps, users have various options and filters to choose from. The 3DS also has a video recorder. In 2011, Nintendo announced an upgrade that allowed users to use special recording options when recording videos.

Network features

The 3DS comes with some network features such as Nintendo Network and StreetPass Mii Plaza.

Nintendo 3DS

Deleting games and apps: A step by step tutorial:

Nintendo 3DS is a multitasking device. You can use your 3DS to perform some tasks such as writing notes, create and save a list of friends, and browse the internet and Miiverse, a social networking website for gamers. When you run out of storage space, the 3DS' capacity to multitask takes a severe beating. To get the most out of your device, you must delete games and apps you no longer use.

Deleting apps and games in Nintendo 3DS is as easy as 1,2,3. Just follow the below steps

Step-1: Go to the Home menu and choose System Settings from the drop-down.
Step-2: Select Data Management
Step-3: Select Nintendo 3DS.
Step-4: From the drop-down menu, select Software and choose the game or app you want to delete if you want to remove everything associated with the app including saved data, select Extra Data.
Step-5: Tap Delete.
Step-6: Once you tap Delete, the system will give you two options. You can either Delete Software and Save Data or Create Save-Data Backup and Delete Software. If you skip this step, the system won’t create any backup and all your data will be deleted.
Step-7: Tap Delete.
Apps that can’t be deleted
Deleting downloaded apps and games in 3DS shouldn’t be a problem, however, like every other device, 3DS comes with some inbuilt apps and tools such as Nintendo e-shop, Face Raiders, Nintendo Zone Viewer, Mii Maker, Nintendo 3DS Sound, and System Settings. These tools and apps are imperative for smooth functioning and can’t be deleted.

Even if you select any of these tools or software in step-4, the system won’t allow you to delete them.


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