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Types of Lawyers – What are the Different Types of Lawyers

by Robert K.

Types of Lawyers, Kinds of Lawyers, Different Types of Lawyers
Types of Lawyers – What are the Different Type of Lawyers?

Maybe you’re looking to hire a lawyer or mulling over which specialization to opt for in law school –
there are different subsections to legal services. Sure, a lawyer gets a common license to practice law.
But the discipline is so vast that it is not possible for a single lawyer to cater to different legal areas.
Most specialize in one or a selected few types of law. Here is a list of the different types of lawyers to
help you navigate the labyrinth, that is, law:
  • Government Lawyer – there are different types of government lawyers in divisions of the government has a lawyer onboard as part of their staff. Be it local/state/federal – there will be an attorney who works for an agency at every level. Permitting boards to hire the services of an attorney at the local level to help out with their operations. On the federal level, the Department of Environmental Protection and FBI have their separate attorneys.
Different Type of Lawyers
  •  Estate Planning Lawyer – An estate planning lawyer helps draft trusts and wills to hand over your assets in the event of your death. They can offer various estate planning legal services such as enabling you to develop a trust which will look after your children’s financial requirements.
  •  Finance and Securities Lawyer – Finance and Securities Lawyers operate strictly in the context of individuals issuing monetary funds, banks, and companies selling away their stocks. They may also defend clients against complaints filed by the IRS or SEC.
  • Public Interest Lawyer – Public Interest Lawyers usually work to benefit society. They represent individuals who do not have the means to afford private legal representation by way of non-profits and legal aid organizations. They may also engage their services in drafting and promoting legislation that helps in reforming the legal process. Since these kinds of lawyers tend to work for non-profits and governmental agencies, their salaries are much lesser in comparison to other lawyers.
  • Personal Injury Lawyer – different types of personal injury lawyers can help you get compensation in the shape of damages from parties who may have caused you injury in an accident.
  •  Mergers and Acquisition Lawyers – Mergers and Acquisition lawyers negotiate the purchase and sale of companies. They are usually knowledgeable about tax laws and other finance and security laws. It enables them to structure deals and facilitate the infinitely long-drawn and complicated process, that is, the buying/selling of companies.
different kinds of lawyers - a lawyers hand holding papers
  •  Trial Lawyer – Trial lawyers narrow down their jurisdiction to specific areas such as medical malpractice or human rights. Trial lawyers can pick whether they want to be involved in civic or criminal law trials. The evidence rules for both types are the same, but the procedure differs for each.
  •  Bankruptcy Lawyer – You must consult a bankruptcy lawyer before filing for bankruptcy. He/she will advise you on your eligibility, the different kinds of bankruptcy, which sort is most applicable to your case, and any other alternatives which you could explore.
  • Family Lawyer – there are different types of lawyers that handle family disputes such as custody battles, divorce, pre-nuptial agreements, and other problems concerning marriage and children. Family lawyers may sometimes also provide estate or family planning services.
  • Entertainment Lawyer – different types of lawyers in the entertainment industry function in Tinsel Town; Their role is to carry out business deals. Entertainment lawyers draw up contracts and look after intellectual property concerns like copyright and trademark.
  • Employment Lawyer – If a company is facing an issue with an employee or vice versa, an employment lawyer can help resolve the issue by providing necessary advice with regards to the employment contract/employment relationship.
There are several other different types of lawyers. One must research well into the legal services provided by a certain lawyer before hiring him/her.

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