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Different Types of Relationships – What Type Do You Have?

by Charry A.

Different Types of Relationships, Types of Relationship

Different Types of Relationships

Throughout our lives, we experience different types of relationships. All these kinds of relationships serve a great purpose in our life, teaching us valuable lessons along the way - some we wish we never had to learn. Love is never a one-for-all. There are different forms of love all around the world, some purer than others, and some forms absolutely vile and filthy. Here’s taking a look at all the different forms of relationships, both good and bad, which will help you determine whether your current relationship is worth being in and fighting for, or not.

The Needy Relationship

These are the types of relationships where one partner, or both, just cannot seem to have normal human functions without the other. You feel anxious when you’re not around one another.  Even basic things like decision-making require the help of your partner. Canceling a trip you planned months ago to stay with your lover or giving up a great job opportunity are not healthy relationship behaviors. Even though these relationships may seem ‘cute’ in the beginning, they tend to turn frustrating pretty quickly. Remember, fusion is not love, it is dependency. 

The Independent Relationship

The opposite is also true, and being too independent is not balanced either. If two lovers do too many things separately, it may be that neither of them is willing to compromise and sacrifice anything for the good of the relationship. Consistently putting yourself ahead of your partner may harm the bond you share in the long-run. If you are both highly focused on your career or have your social lives completely separate, it may mean that love is not a priority for either of you.

The Negotiable Relationship

These types of relationships come attached to a number of terms and conditions. Even though you and your partner are very happy with one another, and are possibly seeing a future with each other, these relationships are reliant on clauses. You and your partner continuously bend over backward and do things you regret later, just to keep the other happy.

Types of Relationship

The Dissipated Love

These kinds of relationships speak to High-School and college sweethearts who got married. When they were young, they were each other’s whole worlds. But when the adult life hit, they became so caught up in bills and children and running a household, that their love took a backseat. This relationship does not necessarily imply that love is gone; it may simply be hidden under the folds of time and needs to be rekindled.

The Toxic Relationship

These are possibly the worst types of relationships that a person can find themselves in. Toxic relationships have the ability to completely eat you out from the inside - until no one can recognize you, least of all yourself. You are frustrated, annoyed, and have completely changed for the worse. It takes years for a person to understand their situation and bring themselves out of it.
If someone is controlling you and setting all the rules for the relationship, preventing you from going out with friends without them, from talking to people from the opposite sex, or demanding that all holidays are spent with their family instead of yours, you are most likely in a toxic relationship with someone who does not have your best interests at heart.

The Imperfect Relationship

The two of you are not perfect - and are both aware you will never be. The types of relationships that are imperfect are the most realistic, as you and your partner have accepted each other for who you really are, defects and all. You do not strive to change anything, as you are happy where you are.
But are you compromising too much, or missing the umph factor? Someone can be good on paper but if they do not excite you and a certain inexplicable connection just is not happening., they are probably not right for you. 

Different Types of Relationships

The Complicated Relationship

Both you and your partner love each other a lot. But somehow, things are immensely complicated between the two of you. It could be because of the involvement of a third person, or it could be because the two of you just cannot communicate with each other. The two of you have a wedge, and you do not know how to solve it.

Unending Insecurities

No matter how long you have been with your partner or how much you love them, either you or they always have a nagging doubt that the other is cheating. No matter how much the two of you prove your loyalty to each other or tell them you have your own life and your own friends, somehow, someone is always supposedly cheating on the other. Feeling jealous or insecure all the time is tiring business though and maybe it is time to try out different forms of relationships. 

The Classic Relationship

These are what happily-ever-afters are made out of. The classic relationship is not to be found easily and consists of two individuals being happy when they are on their own, and happy when they spend time together. It is what true balance feels and looks like. Unfortunately, many people do not find it or let it go too soon, thus having only regrets forever. This is the relationship where you truly understand each other, and truly want to see each other happy. Everyone aspires to have a love like yours, but a few lucky ones ever truly find it.

As you can imagine, there are many more different forms of relationships you will almost certainly have throughout your life, but these are the most common ones. Some bring short-term pleasures, and some bring long-term happiness. To you to determine which one is right for you. 


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