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Learn About the Different Types of Trust in Relationships

by Feanna C.

Different Types of Trust in Relationships, Types of Trust in Relationships

Types of Trust in a Relationship

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. It does not only have to be for romantic relationships; trust is essential for any form of relationship to flourish. When it comes to romantic relationships, everything is built on a strong bond of trust. When there is no trust in a love relationship, there there is negativity, frustration, misunderstanding and tension in its place.

Different Types of Trust in a Romantic Relationship

Trust to Remain Faithful

If you are part of heterosexual conventional marriage or relationship then you are supposed to have a physical relationship with only one person that is your spouse or partner. For a marriage to work, there should be trust between the partners the no one will cheat. Infidelity is one of the leading causes of marriages ending in the USA. If you are in a happy relationship then your partner trusts you to be faithful and you can trust them to be faithful to you. Some partners can recover from cheating but most of them lose each other in the process.

Different Types of Trust in Relationships

In a functioning and fulfilling relationship, one partner should be able to blindly trust that their partner is never going t betray them by sleeping with someone else. In such relationships, there is no unnecessary jealousy or possessiveness.  It is a much more healthy and rational partnership where no one is wasting their energy in hiding an affair or trying to find out if the partner is having an affair.

Trust Never to Willingly Harm Each Otherwise

This is the second most important form of trust in any relationship. You need to trust that your partner will never cause you any harm intentionally. In this case, harm includes any form of physical harm or emotional harm. You have to trust your partner with your physical safety. Most of the time you will be doing things together. You will go on trips together, drive together, have sex with each other, take part in various different activities together.

There should be trust that both of you will take care of each other. In some situations, your life will be in the hands of your spouse. There should be trust that they will follow the traffic rules while they are driving, or do any other necessary thing that will keep you physically safe. You need to come home in an environment that is safe for you and the other people living in the house.

 Definition of Trust in A Relationship

If your partner has any form of STD it is their moral and legal duty to inform you about it. There is trust that while having sex they will not do anything that is hurting you or causing any form of physical or emotional distress.

Trust they will not Manipulate or Control You

A relationship is only fulfilling and long-lasting only if two separate individuals come together to have a relationship. Both should have mutual love and respect for each other. If one partner wants to dominate and control the entire relationship and the other person then it is not a healthy relationship.

Love can only survive in the conditions of security and safety. If one person constantly verbally hurts and emotionally abuses the other person then there is no love. It is normal to be possessive of your partner but being crazy jealous is not normal. In a good relationship, there is trust that both people will hear each other out patiently before coming to any decision. Emotional rejection brings in mistrust and misunderstanding in the relationship. There should be trust that you will love your partner and never try to control them. 


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