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Disney Crossy Road - What's it about?

by Keren P.

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Disney Crossy Road - What's it about?

Crossy Road is among the most popular games on the Google Play store. It is modeled after Frogger and makes for a challenging game where your character dodges obstacles in its path to progress ahead. The game was developed by the Australian production house Hipster Whale. They have now tied up with Disney to come up with a new game - Disney Crossy Road. Disney Crossy Road retains the same format of Crossy Road but throws in entire Disney universes. So, not only can you play as popular Disney characters, but your game setting also changes accordingly.


Essentially, Disney Crossy Road is an easy-to-play but hard-to-master high score chaser game. It is monetization friendly but also allows enough control to free players. It incorporates Disney classics like Toy Story and The Lion King and also brings in characters from new franchises such as Zootopia and Inside Out.

The Disney character that you choose to play as affects the gameplay too. So, if you’re playing as part of Tangled, you have wooden crates thrown at you that you must dodge. If you happen to be playing in Wreck-It-Ralph’s “Candyland”, you can pick up candies that function like score multipliers. The Toy Story level will require you to go past colored cube obstacles in your way.

Crossy Road

Simba has to run through the stampede that killed Mufasa and Mickey gets hit by trucks. But since the game is family-friendly in nature, there is no blood and gore when this happens. Your character simply disintegrates into a pile of pixels.


The game’s objective is to notch up a high-score while racing against time. If you take too long to make a move, an eagle will soar in from the sky and fly away with your character – ending the game. Coins scattered through the land allow you to buy new characters. New characters overhaul the entire play settings, music, and obstacles that you’ve to overcome. It encourages you to collect more coins to play as different characters.

The game is available in 15 different languages and you can choose from any of these. You are allowed minimal control over the music and special effects. You are also provided Facebook integration in case you want to share your scores on social media.

The game offers over 100 characters to unlock spread across 9 worlds. Talks are in progress to introduce more characters. Disney provides a rich content source to draw from. The game hasn’t even incorporated any of the Disney princesses yet.

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If you’ve played Crossy Road to death – Disney Crossy Road has nothing particularly new to offer. But if you happen to be a Disney geek, I recommend you to sample Disney Crossy Road. You will not be disappointed. Disney Interactive will have to agree for Hipster Whale to access more of its characters in order to bring out updates for the game.

When all is said and done, tweaks like daily challenges and timed events would go a long way in adding to the repeat value of the game. Right now, there is not much else to do other than play as the different characters and try to better your previous score. The game sounds an alert when you reach particular scores.

Disney Crossby Road retains the challenge of the original Crossy Road game and enhances its playability by introducing a variety of Disney characters into the mix. Every time you play as a new character, you are faced with a new environment and new obstacles to avoid. It is fairly engaging and can keep you hooked for a good amount of time.

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