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Get the Best Distracted Driving App with the Help of Our Reviews!

by Eddie V.

Distracted Driving App, Distracted Driving Apps

Apps to Fight Distracted Driving

According to statistics, in certain parts of the U.S., mobile phone distractions account for more accidents than drunk drivers with a .08 blood alcohol level. Though there are a few other contributors, mobile distractions play a major factor in road accidents every year. Aptly named smartphones, these phones can help a driver concentrate on the task at hand and in turn prevent accidents and save lives. All thanks to app developers building more intelligent, interactive apps that help thwart distracted driving.


LifeSaver app
LifeSaver uses GPS in combination with a reward set up to help people drive safely. While driving, the driver cannot use his or her phone, and the app intimates family or friends when the person has reached their destination. There are prizes to be won if the driver reaches specific driving goals which can be preset. The app also records the country’s worst drivers and how the populace in an area is faring so that the user can exercise extra caution in certain places.


Drivemode app
The app allows a user to use their phone with voice commands, large buttons, broad swipes, and single taps to move smoothly from one application to the next. The streamlined interface permits many screens to be shown in one, which facilitates drivers spending less time going through different screens. Drivemode studies are driving trends to enhance on-road safety and are available on iOS and Andriod devices.


Waze app

Waze is a social navigation app that is used by users universally. Users help one another get to their destinations quicker and safer by reporting on a host of subjects from accidents to roadblocks. They also report on traffic conditions real-time which help other drivers spend less time on the road by avoiding jams. Waze maps editors consistently work on updating maps to mirror changes in routing. Spending less time on the road will help reduce accidents caused due to sheer exhaustion.



‘Trip score’ is a distinctive feature offered by this app. A driver is scored on a rating scale for the entire drive. It motivates drivers to compete with each other for achieving that perfect driving score. It also highlights times when the driver was not traveling at their optimum best. Other features on the app include driver history and driver position on road realtime. TrueMotion is available on Apple and Android devices for free.



As the name suggests, this app blocks all internet, email and SMS features when the car is on. It uses Bluetooth to stop the internet from being operational, but it does not stop calls, incoming or outgoing. It can also ascertain and track if a user has tried to interfere with the handset. Also, information about the trip is collated and stored on external servers.

Incoming emails and texts are read aloud by this app. Their Enterprise Edition allows users of BlackBerry and certain other devices to stay connected. The app reads out aloud emails, and SMSs helps reduce the number of on-road accidents caused as a result of this distraction.



All incoming messages and calls are blocked when the vehicle moves above a certain speed. Drivers who are driving too fast, are immediately intimated by the app.

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