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How to Find Divorce Records in Alabama?

Divorce Certificates or Divorce records of the State of Alabama, have been filed and maintained by the Alabama Centre for Health and Statistics since 1950. As one of the first States to create a centralized repository of Vital Records, the State was one of the earliest to implement a uniform format of records across all its counties. Divorce records are necessitated for various legal obligations of the Government as well as the applicants.

A centralized repository has certainly made it easier for applicants who tend to order a Divorce record for various purposes i.e. evidence of being divorced and regaining the right to marry, redistribution and division of property, assets and legal rights, evidence of alimony, child support, custody, parenting plans and/or tracing genealogy.

Alabama Divorce Records
How are divorce records stored?

Currently, all past and present Divorce records since 1950 are stored electronically in a central database and all counties apply a uniform format of data submission to this database with the following information:

  1. Details of presiding court and certifying official.
  2. The name, address and correspondence details of the attorney representing the petitioner.
  3. The registered spouses i.e. legal names before and after marriage and divorce, date and place of birth, age at the time of divorce, race, education, usual occupation and industry, date and place of marriage, last date and place of co-habitation, filing of petition and divorce, the number of marriage undergoing divorce and date of divorce of preceding marriage.
  4. A number of children under the age of 18 and spouse, grandparent or guardian who is granted custody.

How to get divorce records?

Divorce records carry personal information; hence they are public records with restricted access. The eligibility criteria for access lists specific people as capable to seek certified and/or amended copies of the Divorce record including the spouse and immediate family members, members of extended family directly related to the immediate family members, attorney of the estate bearing legal rights of the divorced provided he/she carry a letter signed by the designated official of City/County/State or a Power of Attorney in the absence of Identification documents of eligible applicants, wherein the said applicant is mandated to submit a reasonable explanation for it.

The applicant can order Divorce records since 1950 through online and offline channels. The Alabama Centre for Health and Statistics provides for a downloadable in-mail application. It does not enable direct online applications of any vital record, but it has designated an exclusive private vendor for the same at no extra cost over and above the notified fees. The online application for the Divorce Certificate requires the applicant to:

1. Visit the webpage of the designated private vendor.

2. Submit the necessary information and documents demanded at each step of the application as listed below:

3. Data about the divorced i.e. Place and Date of Divorce, Legal name of the divorced and his/her parents and spouse (if married) as mentioned on record, Age at the time of Divorce, Date of Birth, Gender, Social Security Number of the divorced, proof of past or present service with the armed forces and the Court where the divorce was granted.

Divorce Records Search Alabama

4. Data of the Applicant i.e. Legal Name as mentioned on record, the relationship between the applicant and divorced, current address for correspondence, disclosure of intended use of the certificate by the applicant, upload of applicant’s signature verifiable by records and a legible upload of a Government recognized photo-id or Power of Attorney.

5. Online payment of $15 for a fresh record or a “failure to find” certificate and/or $6 for each additional copy.

The applicant may also choose to apply for the Divorce record offline. The requirements of information, documents, submissions, and fees are the same as an online application. The applicant has various options for offline application, namely:

  1. In-person Application: Herein the applicant must visit the office of the Alabama Centre for Health and Statistics on any working day and submit the completed application along with necessary submissions as mentioned above.
  2. In Mail Application: Herein the applicant may download the application form from the official page of the Alabama Centre for Health and Statistics and send the completed form and necessary submissions to the address mentioned on the same page.
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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on September 23, 2020
Sensitive Information!