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Do Misdemeanors Show on Background Checks?

by Rachel Greene

Do Misdemeanors Show on Background Check

Misdemeanors and Background Checks

Plenty of employers in the U.S. use background checks to find out if job candidates they interviewed told the truth about their education, job experience, and to find out if they have a criminal record. There are certain things that show up on a background check that employers pay close attention to, like the types of crimes prospective employers committed. That is why many people who go on job interviews ask themselves "do misdemeanors show on background check", and now you can find out if they do.

Background Checks and Misdemeanors

In the United States legal system, crimes are classified into different categories, and misdemeanors are regarded as a category of their own. In the eyes of the law, misdemeanors are crimes that are less serious compared to other categories, like felonies. Because these types of crimes are considered to be less serious, they also result in less serious punishments.

If you committed a misdemeanor, it will show up on your criminal records, which means that it will show up on a background check. However, it depends on the type of check prospective employers conduct; misdemeanors are recorded on a county level and less on a state level. So, if an employer runs a background check on you by searching for state records, they will probably not see any misdemeanors. Why? Because state records usually don't contain information about counties where misdemeanor convictions took place.

Either way, most employers do not disqualify candidates who have a misdemeanor, so it is less important if they see these types of crimes show up on a background check.

Do Misdemeanors Show on Background Check
What shows on a background check?

A misdemeanor background check and a felony background check are not the only types of background checks that are performed these days. Aside from employment criminal checks, people can run a check on others, meaning you can perform a background check on people and vice versa.

Depending on the type of check you perform, you will get the following information in a background check:

  • Full name – the full name of the person you searched (first name, middle name, last name)
  • Aliases – any pseudo names a person is using or has used in their past
  • Birth records – the birth certificate and birth date of the person in question
  • Contact information – phone numbers, addresses, emails, etc.
  • Criminal records – the criminal records of the person in question, including any misdemeanors, felonies, and other crimes (juvenile records are usually sealed)
  • Sex offender registries – a detailed account of the sex crimes a person committed (if any) and whether or not they are registered as a sex offender
  • Social media information – social media accounts the person is using
Misdemeanors on Background Checks

Types of Background Checks

If you want to get accurate information about people, including the information listed above, you can perform either an independent background check or use an online directory. The data in these types of checks are maintained in public records, so with an independent search, you will need to search these types of records. Each state has its own sources of public records, but in most cases, you will need to contact police departments, courts, and health departments to get info on the person you are searching. Once you know which authorities you need to contact, you can do so in any way you choose – online, via email, phone, U.S. post office or in person.

Each state also has its own fees when it comes to accessing public records, so you will need to pay according to the rates in the state where the search is performed. Standard waiting times for copies of public records are several days to several weeks.

If you choose to use an online background check directory, you will have fewer steps until you get access to public records. With GoLookUp, you can perform a name-based check, a phone number search, an address search, and an email search. Once you enter an identifying detail into one of these directories, the search will immediately begin; the system will scan public records on the person you are searching for and will provide you with all the info listed above and much more.

what shows up on a background check

Why Should I Run a Background Check?

Employers perform these types of checks because they want to find out the truth about people they meet, and the same goes for others. By performing a professional background check, you will be able to learn the truth about people you know. The service is usually used by people who meet others and want to make sure they are who they say they are; whether it's a new neighbor, an adult your children see regularly, someone you are dating, etc., - you can never be too careful.

Misdemeanors are considered less serious crimes than others, and while they show up on most employee background checks, they do not hurt chances of getting a job. If you want to find out if there are any misdemeanors on your check or a check of other people, you can perform a background check, and get access to criminal records, as well as other important data.


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