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Do Warrants Appear on Background Checks?

by Roni G.

Warrant Search, Do Warrants Appear on Background Checks

Warrants Search: Will a Warrant Appear on My Background Check?

Law enforcement agencies in the country can issue several warrants, and in some cases, warrants can appear on a background check. When a warrant is issued as part of a court proceeding or by a judge, it will appear on a background check, as it is part of the public records data. However, if a law enforcement agency issues the warrant, it might not appear on a background check. So, which warrants appear on background checks and which do not? Here are the answers.

Arrest Warrant/Criminal Warrant

An arrest warrant or a criminal warrant is issued by the police when the agency suspects that an individual has committed a crime. To issue a police warrant, the law enforcement agency must have probable cause or evidence to support the suspicion of the crime. With the evidence in hand, the law enforcement agency must get a judge's signed approval to issue a warrant. Every state in the U.S. has its laws regarding arrest warrants, and whether such warrants will be accessible to the public. While an arrest warrant is issued by a judge, it is not a court record, so it will not necessarily appear on a background check.

Warrant Search

Bench Warrant

Unlike an arrest warrant, a bench warrant is issued by a court of law; a bench warrant is issued when individuals fail to appear for a court appearance – either in a criminal case or a civil case. As such, bench warrants are part of the court records system – meaning they are accessible to the public. In most cases, a bench warrant will appear on a background check.

Capias Warrant

A Capias Warrant is issued after the completion of a court case; when an individual fails to complete the terms of a court decision or pay a fine, a Capias warrant will be issued against him/her. A Capias warrant is a court order and will appear on a background check in most cases.

Civil Warrant

Like a bench warrant and a Capias warrant, a civil warrant is also issued by a court of law. A civil warrant is issued when an individual fails to comply with the orders issued to him/her in a civil case. In most cases, a civil warrant will not end up in an arrest; these types of warrants are mainly issued to get a defendant to take action and complete their order. As it is a court order, a civil warrant will appear on a background check, in most cases.

Do Warrants Appear on Background Checks

So, do all warrants appear on background checks?

The answer to this question is neither Yes nor No; in most cases, warrants will not appear in a criminal background check. However, every state in the country has different rules and regulations regarding warrants; so, in some cases, a warrant will appear on a background check, while in others it will not.

Warrant Search: Do Warrants Appear on My Background Check?

If you have an old or recent warrant issued against you, you can discover if they appear on your background check. To perform a criminal background check on yourself, you need to use a credible source for public records. There are several free background check sites where you can find criminal records and court records registered to your name, but not all of them will provide you with the information you need.

Free background check sites do not have complete access to public records, including court records, in the country, so while free sites will provide you with basic information about yourself, they will not provide you with warrant search data.

So, to perform a background check on yourself and find out whether it contains warrants that were issued in your name, you need to use a credible site, like GoLookUp. To perform a warrant search on GoLookUp, you will need to provide your full name and the state in which the warrant was issued. Once the search engine has the required data, it will begin to scan public records related to your name. If there are warrants against you in several states, you can perform several warrants searches for no extra charge.


For a complete background check, you can use GoLookUp's quick directory that will provide you with a full account of your criminal past. In case warrants appear on your background check and they should not, you can appeal your case to the issuing authority, and ask to delete the data that should not appear in your check.

There are several types of warrants that can be issued in the United States, and in some cases, they appear on a background check. If you want to perform a warrant search and discover what appears on your background check, you can find the information on GoLookUp within several minutes. You can perform as many searches as you desire, and get a complete criminal record of yourself.


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