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Does a VPN Protect You from Hacking?

by Eddie V.

Can VPN Protect You? Here is the Surprising Answer

A virtual private network (VPN) is a helpful tool in many ways; it helps hide your browsing history, access blocked sites, get rid of internet throttling, and more. While it has the word "safe" in the title, it can be misleading. If you ever wondered if VPN protects you from hackers, now is the time to find out.

Does a VPN Prevent Hacking?

A VPN connection is vital in several cases; when you are using your home wi-fi or a free wi-fi connection (public network), you should definitely use VPN. It will hold back hackers that try to get personal data from your devices.

However, a VPN connection will not prevent all types of hacking; there are elaborate cyberattacks that surpass security measures, even VPN.

Does a VPN Protect You from Hacking
What Cyberattacks a VPN Can't Prevent?

There are two main types of hacking: one that requires access to your IP address, and one that does not. To break into your personal devices and surpass VPN protection, hackers use cyberattacks that don’t require access to an IP address.

Phishing attacks and malware attacks are great examples of this; to hack into your personal devices and gain access to your personal data, hackers will approach you via mail. They will create an email that is supposed to be from official authorities, such as the FBI, the IRS, your health insurance carrier, and others.

In the mail, they will ask you to provide personal information to complete forms or receive payment. In either case, they will make it out to be an emergency or use reasons to instill fear in you. The emails will make you think that unless you provide the data, you will be in trouble.

In other cases, hackers will send you a link, requiring you to click on it. If you do, you will essentially be installing malware yourself. In both these cases, a VPN cannot and will not defend you against cyber hacks.    

To Sum it Up: Can VPN Protect You?

In the big picture, a VPN connection can protect you from all sorts of cyber-attacks. Unfortunately, like other protection software, it cannot protect you against all evils. You should use a VPN along with the latest version of anti-virus software. You should also be careful about which emails you open and never open a suspicious link. Always be careful.


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