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10 Work Tips that Will Help You Improve at Your Job!

by Eddie V.

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10 Tips for Doing Better at Work

The education you receive just hands you qualifications to obtain a job. Maintaining an excellent performance to ensure you get the timely promotions requires working in the right direction. Here are ten tips that can help you improve your performance at work.

1. Show interest – It is a great idea to volunteer yourself for a difficult task that no one else wants. Make sure you are up for the challenge. Brace yourself and prove how well you are at your job. This will get you the right kind of attention and bring accolades for your endeavor.

2. Don’t hog the limelight – Even though you might have been the key player in the team to materialize a project. Maintain your position as a team player and surely mention how everyone had contributed and helped in the process. Thus you can assertive yet give credit where it is due.

3. Give respect – We fail to recognize the people who do the little things for us, but those little ones to make a whole lot of difference. Make sure that you appreciate everyone who helps you in some way. You will become not only a respectable person at the office but also the most popular one.

Work Tips

4. Professionalism – Make it your life motto to stay professional at work. Maintain decorum and stand by your ethos. Treat everyone at work as colleagues rather than they being any friend or relatives. Having a professional behavior makes you more trustworthy as you will be seen as being impartial.

5. Say no to the distractions – Often fatigue and lethargy may distract us from the pending work. But, stand strong and stay away from distractions. Identify what diverts your mind the most. Is it your phone or a thought? Deal with the issue and concentrate fully on your work at hand.

6. Manage time better - A key to success lies in your ability to manage time. Many people love to work at their own pace but make sure you are in-synch with your deadlines. Also, plan and organize all your tasks to give your best performance. Organization abilities also help you fight procrastination by making you work in a logical order.

7. Ask questions – If something is not clear to you, do ask for clarifications. Rather than wasting your time on figuring it out yourself, ask the relevant questions to get instant redressal on doubts.

Job Tips

8. Prioritize – The Pareto principle says you can yield maximum result by only completing 20% of tasks. Keeping that in mind, identify the tasks that need your immediate attention and resort to finishing them first. Make sure you prioritize all your tasks.

9. Give yourself a break – Do not be stringent with your schedule. A tired mind or body will yield you no result. Take breaks as and when you require but be sure to complete your tasks. Also, ask yourself if you need the break or not. When you are on a break do not think of work, only then you can come back to work or resume your activities with a refreshed mind.

10. Multi-task only if required – You might have felt that multi-tasking is the solution for the time crunch, but any studies reveal it only leads to poor performance. If you have to multi-task, pair tasks that are complementary in some way. Multi-tasking may get a lot many things done within a short duration, but you might also run the risk of producing a poor quality of all the jobs done at the same time.

Doing great at work also means you get enough sleep and stay content in your personal life. Do not forget to maintain a balance between the two to have an optimum productive work life.


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