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Drake: The Incredible Career of the Famous Singer

by Garry S.

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Everything you need to know about Drake

Aubrey Drake Graham, commonly known as Drake, was born on October 24, 1986, in Ontario Canada. He hails from Canada. However, he has citizenship of two countries Canada and The United States. He is a multi-talented person being a rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, record producer, and entrepreneur. He is born to Dennis Graham (drummer) and Sandra Graham (English teacher and florist).

Drake’s parents got divorced when he was just five years old. Drake stayed with his mother. He spent his early childhood in the US due to legal issues and limited finance.

Drake faced criticism by race and religion during his school days. Drake, along with his school, was pursuing his acting classes. Due to his busy schedule, he started feeling that his acting training might get affected and thus he left study school. He later completed his graduation in the year 2012.

Drake Career

He started his career as an actor with teen drama series “Degrassi” which enabled him to gain recognition. Then came “The Next Generation” in the 2000s. As he wanted to undertake a career as a rapper, he left the TV series in 2007 after the releasing of Room for Improvement, his debut mixtape. Hereafter, he released two of his independent works. Then, in 2009, he sang for Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment.

His debut studio film “Thank me later” was released in 2010. Then he two more of his albums and all came out successful.  In 2015, two mixtapes were released by him, which brought him Platinum certification in the US.


Drake Music Style

Egoistical lyrics, technical ability, and integration of own backstory while dealing in relation with women are what Drake is known for. He has dynamic vocal abilities. He is praised for audible contrast between melody, and typical hip-hop beats sometimes coupled with sober accents.

The lyrical content used by Drake is considered to be emotional or exaggerating. He gets credit for innovating hyper-reality rap.

In the US, he is famous for popularizing the word YOLO, which is an abbreviation You Only Live Once. There are few other phrases also, which he popularized like “The Six.” This is about his hometown.

Drake Biography
Drake Personal Life

Since 2012, Drake lived in Hidden Hills, California. Also, he has property in Toronto. Drake’s paternal uncles also belong to the field of music. One of his uncles Larry Graham is a bass guitarist. Teenie Hodges is a musician. Both of them are successful and contributed a lot.

Drake was in a relationship with Rihanna, and they dated from 2009-2016 on roller coaster ride. Each of his studio albums had mention of this relationship. At the award function, in 2016, when Rihanna was presented with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, Drake stated: “she’s a woman I’ve been in love with since I was 22 years old.”

Drake says as we move in life, life takes shapes and teaches lessons. He doesn’t have a fairy tale. He could not start the family with Rihanna.

Drake has a son born to Sophie Brasseaux's, a French artist and former adult actress. The child was born on October 11, 2017. In 2018, Drake confirmed this fatherhood on the album Scorpion. Drake is now a single father.

As of 2018, the net worth of Drake amounts to $100 million.

Drake Awards and Honors

Drake earned lots of fame during his journey till now. He received various awards, and many of his works got much recognition. Some of the awards are:

  • Seven songs got certified as “Triple Platinum” in the US.
  • He is the highest certified digital singles, artist.
  • Three songs got certified as “Quintuple Platinum.”
  • Some of his works reached to “Septuple Platinum” and “Octuple Platinum.”
  • Five solo studio albums of Drake have gone “Multi-Platinum.”
  • Named in IFPI Global Recording Artist of 2016
  • Most numbers of awards won on one night at Billboard Music Award
  • He has many endorsements as well as business ventures in his name.

Lots of fame, money, awards, and success! But all these are one side of a coin. Drake faced hardships too and struggled to overcome. He also has controversies in his name.



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