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What are Driving Records and What Might They Include?

by Maria D.

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What are Driving Records and What is an MVR? 

The simple answer to that is that a driving record is a copy of your driving history. The department of mother vehicle or DMV keeps a copy of every driver who holds a valid license. It can be costly and can take up time to get a driving record from the DMV. A driving record will list all your moving violations if you have any. It may include speeding tickets, driving convictions or accidents that you were involved in. In most cases, a driving record report will go back as much as three years. Insurance companies pull driving records in order to give you an insurance quote. Driving records are not considered public records, but can be accessed by a potential employer

A driving report or driving record is in many cases referred to as an MVR or a Motor Vehicle Report. Many employers will ask for an MVR report before they hire you. It's important to keep a clean record, especially if you are working in companies such as UBER. Insurance companies will give you a fair discount if you can keep your MVR in good standing over the years. If you have any speeding tickets or accidents, it can affect your insurance rates and could cost you to lose your license. It is highly recommended to keep track of your driving record so you know exactly where you stand.

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Getting your Report from the Local DMV Office.

You could walk down to your local DMV office and ask for your personal driving record. That will give you the most accurate and fair results. Cost may vary from $8 to $15, as the DMV changes their fees from time to time. You will need to present a photo id and sign a document in order to pull your report.

Third party companies or Third party vendors for obtaining your record.

You could use a third party company to get your report, that would save you the trip to the DMV office, but would cost you a little more. Many companies offer your driving record through their website.

Your Insurance Company or Your Insurance Agent

You could get your driving record directly from your insurance company, or from your insurance agent if you are using one. Keep in mind, if you get your MVR from your insurance company it would not be a certified document. If you are seeking the report in order to submit it to your employer, you may need to get a certified MVR report.

When you obtain your report, make sure to check it for any errors. It does happen when errors occur on an MVR report. Make sure speeding tickets, violations, accidents all match your record and you have knowledge of those incidents!

If there is an error, you will need to submit a request to the DMV with supporting documents, you were not involved in those matters.

For the most part, your driving record should be pretty accurate. But make sure you keep track.

One of the main reasons as to why you should keep notice of your driving record is your insurance rates. Understanding the point system is another good way of getting a better understanding of where you stand.

DMV Driving Records
The Driving Point System:

Every state holds a different point system. The idea behind the point system is to penalize driving offenders who do not obey traffic laws. It helps break down the good drivers from the bad ones; and is often used to make other related decisions based on the persons driving record.

In most states: If you get anywhere between 10 and 18 points, your driver license will be suspended. Your driver license may be suspended up to 6 months at this point. You will also face probation time of up to 12 months.

Points stay on your record for a period of 36 months, or 3 years if you will. Serious offense points such as hit and run, or DUI offenses, can stay on your record up to 10 years!

If you wish to get rid of your traffic points you can take the following steps:

Try to dismiss the wrong traffic ticket

Drive better to avoid gaining more points

Take traffic school

Your DMV driving record will show how many points you have accumulated on your driver license, so you will have a better idea as to where you stand.


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