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How to Get Your DMV Record in Alabama

Alabama driver's permit office allows the general public to get the driving record of any individual's data included in the driver's license and motor vehicle documentation. The Department of Public Safety in Alabama can disclose this information to anyone if the applicant intends to utilize the data for the purpose approved by the department or if the applicant has received written approval from the company.

Two ways are there to get your Alabama DMV Driving Record Search: through online services or by reaching a driver's permit office.

The department of Alabama public safety gives access to online for approved companies and businesses to get the DMV records.

To be approved, the company must subscribe to an interactive service in Alabama.


How to get the Subscription online

To subscribe and get access to online to check Alabama DMV records, you need to fill out the form provided. Forms are available on the Alabama website. Click the "Online Services" button on the main page. That's on the left. Then you will see some tabs in the middle of the page. Click the Business Services tab. Then scroll down and select "Subscription Services." on this header, there is a link for "Subscription Registration."

Alabama Driving Records
This page contains links for the correct forms with the instructions. The annual subscription fee is $ 75. Once approved, the company receives a username and password with access to the application requested. You can contact Alabama's Customer Service: 866 3533468.

After the user name and password are accepted, a search can be performed on the search page. A popup screen asks the subscriber to enter their user name and password.

After this is done, the screen will appear, requesting the driver's license number. Click on the search after entering the number. The search results contain the name, address, date of birth, gender, race, license status, license number, issue date, expiry date, CDL status, license class, permits, restrictions, and any penalties for this license. The print option will be available for the users to print the information on the paper if required.


Driver License Division office

To receive your driver's license copy, you have to fill the application form for driver registration (if for yourself) or the application form for vehicle documentation with personal information (if you want information about others). The forms can be filled electronically and can be found on the Department of Public Safety website Alabama. Then this form can be sent to:

Driver Record Application, Driver License Department

P.O. Box 1471

Montgomery, AL 361021471

You need to post a self-attested envelope with a stamp. The third-party applying for the license must obtain it for an approved purpose or approval written in hand from the concerned person or the license holder. The list of Purposes approved is listed in the application form.

Public Records Alabama
The fee to obtain DMV Record in Alabama

Driver's documents can be obtained by mail using the 3-year driver's document application form, by credit card by calling 334,242,4241 or reaching out to the office in person.

The service fee for obtaining a driver's record is $ 5.75

To get a crash report copy is - $ 15

Crash reports can be obtained by post using the Crash report application form with a credit card by calling 334,242,4241 or reaching out to the office directly.

Reinstatement Fees:

Canceled or Suspended licenses - $ 100

You can have a limited and free search to see if your record is available. The system gives details of a number of accidents sorted by date and country. Look for a plate number to see if the record is available. If you search for a record by date and country without selecting a report, the search fee will not be charged.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 18, 2021
Sensitive Information!