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How to Get Your DMV Record in Alaska?

When the name Alaska is taken, the first thoughts and images that will come to your mind will definitely be of majestic scenery. But at the same time, the driving conditions in Alaska are so bad that it can wreak havoc on your car and also affect your driving records.

Your DMV records in Alaska can get pretty long especially if you make even the slightest mistakes while driving. That is why obtaining your driving records becomes all the more important so that things like your insurance rates or other things are not heavily affected due to any discrepancies. So, this article will give you an insight into the Alaska DMV Record Search.


Information Present in Alaska Driving Records

Whether it is your employer who wants to see your driving records or whether you have been ordered by the court to submit it, obtaining these records is not that tough. DMV Record Search Alaska will also give you the power to monitor so many types of information that are present in these records.

Alaska Driving Records
They are maintained by a special body – the Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles. Some of the information that you can find in these records are as follows:

  • Driving and traffic convictions
  • Any DUI reports
  • All reports related to traffic accidents
  • Driver license points
  • Information related to your driver's license, for example, restrictions, cancellations, revocations, and suspensions along with detailed reasons for the same.

Alaska DMV Driving Record Search will give you information regarding all these things.


Types of Driving Records in Alaska

Broadly speaking, there are three different types of driving records that are available in the state of Alaska –

  • Complete Driving Record – Everything will be listed in this kind of record including any ticket that you got when you were at the beginning of your driving phase. These records become very much vital in the case of obtaining insurance as they perfectly denote your driving experience. But in some cases, these records are requested by employers too and mostly in cases in which driving is a major task.
  • Your Personal Record – This will give you a broad view of the driving history that you have.
  • Three to Five Year Record – These records are mostly required by insurers for checking purposes.
Public Records Alaska

Alaska DMV Record Search Procedure

The Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles provides your multiple ways in which you can perform Alaska DMV Records Search –

  • Online – If you want to get the Driving Records in Alaska then you have to go to Driving Records Request Page of the state and from there you can access your driver history. But you will also be asked to enter some information like your identification details and the information that you enter here should match the one that is present in your Driver’s License. Then, you have to choose the mode of payment for paying the fee which is usually $10.
  • By Mail – Alternatively, you can also perform the ordering of driving records in Alaska by mail. Some of the things that you need are a money of check of $10 that should be addressed to DMV or State of Alaska and a Form 419F (Request for Driving Record Form). The form must be completely filled and the checks should have your address and name pre-printed on it.
  • By Fax – You can also order your driving record by fax. For this too, you will need a completely filled Form 419F and along with that your credit card information for paying the fee of $10.
  • In-Person – Lastly, you can order for your driving records in person as well. You have to take the filled Form 419F along with $10 cash, money order, or check along with you to any of the nearest DMV offices in Alaska. Don’t forget to take your proof of identification.

So, the Alaska DMV Public Record Search is pretty easy but once you receive it, do check it to see if there is any discrepancy.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 26, 2021
Sensitive Information!