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How to Get Your DMV Record in Arkansas

Some people drive for passion and others to reach their destination on time. No doubt, vehicles have made our life easy but they also bring their own problems with them. Today driving with caution and attention on the road is very important since it could not only endanger your life but also affect your life if you are involved in an accident.

 Your behavior on the road could decide the prospect of getting a job or enhancing your vehicle insurance rates. Every state in the USA maintains DMV records so that it could monitor the driving behavior of every citizen and caution against any misbehavior on the road. And The State of Arkansas is no exception to that.

Arkansas DMV record search could get you the details of your driving behavior even though you might think you are an excellent driver. Checking DMV records periodically helps you keeping a tab on your driving pattern and improving your driving skills.

Arkansas Driving Records
The Arkansas Department of Motor Vehicle has made it is for people of the state and country to obtain the driving records. Arkansas DMV driving record search would fetch you all the details you needed online or through other channels.

Obtaining DMV record in Arkansas

For making sure that you were never involved in an accident or traffic violation, going for DMV record search Arkansas is important. You can obtain a DMV record through several means in the state of Arkansas. Just by following the methods described below, you can order DMV records.

1. Visiting the Office – Visiting the office of DMV is a safe and reliable option to get a driving record. Since the driving record comes under Arkansas DMV public records search, it becomes the duty of the state to provide the records for its citizens. The DMV office of Arkansas is situated in Little Rock. Once you visit the office, you need to fill the Driving Records Request form and visit either Arkansas revenue office or the Little Rock driving records office to submit the form. You would be charged $8.50 for obtaining an insurance record and $10 for obtaining commercial records.

2. Mail
– You can also order the driving record by writing a mail to the department of the motor vehicle of Arkansas. Before sending the mail, you have to fill the Driving Records Request form with all the details mentioned in the form. A fee of $8.50 is charged for insurance record and $10 is charged for commercial records. You can pay the fee through credit or debit cards or make an online payment using different payment options. The mailing address is as given below.

Public Records Arkansas
Driving Records

 Room 1130

P. O. Box 1272

 Little Rock, Arkansas 72203

3. Online – The State of Arkansas has its own website to provide driving records online. DMV record search Arkansas online would guide you to the official state website where you can apply for a driving record. You need to provide your AR driver’s license number and issue date and last five digits of your social security number.

In addition, you should have a valid VISA, Master or Discover card to pay the required fee. You would be charged $10 for insurance records and $13 for the commercial records. Once you finish the procedure, you will get your records on your computer screen. You can either save the record or get a printout. Follow the below link to get your DMV record online.

Link - https://www.ark.org/personal_tvr/index.php

4. Third-Party –
You can also approach third party vendors present in your locality or accesses third party websites to get your driving record. Arkansas DMV driving record search online will guide you to several third party websites where you can directly apply for driving records. The fee varies from one website to another.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 29, 2021
Sensitive Information!