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How to Get Your DMV Record in Colorado

The State of Colorado mostly consisting of towns, gorgeous plains, farmland, and a few city centers are heaven for driving enthusiasts. You can enjoy the beautiful landscapes and sceneries of the state while traversing its roads. But it doesn’t mean you have all the right to throw caution to the wind and crank up accelerator of your vehicle.

The authorities in the State of Colorado are strict when it comes to dispensing their duties with regard to traffic rules. You should be very cautious while driving through the state and one way to make sure that police officers or troopers won’t trouble you is to check your DMV record.
A driving record informs you about your driving history and gives you an idea about the consequences of getting caught by authorities. Once you check your driving records, you can change your driving habits accordingly and make sure that you won’t be fined or punished if an officer or an employer randomly check your record.

DMV records are public records in the state of Colorado. Hence, you can get your DMV record by employing Colorado DMV public record search.
A Colorado driving record typically consists of suspensions, revocations, accidents, tickets, citations, violations, fines and convictions. It also provides information on license endorsements and classification. Colorado DMV record search online would get you all these details through official or third-party websites.

Colorado DMV Record Search

Getting DMV records in the State of Colorado

The Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles coming under the Department of Revenue holds the responsibility of dispensing DMV records to the public. You can obtain either a certified or non-certified driving record through several channels provided by the State of Colorado. Apart from getting driving records in your physical presence, a Colorado DMV driving record search would get you driving record online. Below are a few methods through which you can obtain DMV records in the State of Colorado.

1. Online – While ordering your driving record through the official website of the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles, you need to provide details like customer identifier, last name, date of birth and last four digits of SSN or ITIN. You can only order a non-certified driving record online, which costs you $9. You can make the payment through credit or debit cards. Official Link - https://mydmv.colorado.gov/_/#7
2. Mail – You can also order your or someone else’s driving record by writing a mail to the DMV main office or any other DMV licensing offices present in your locality. You need to fill the Permission to Release Driver Records to Self or Another Person form and provide details like name, date of birth, license number and copy of ID proof. A certified record is charged $9 and a non-certified record $10. The modes of payment are check or money order payable to the Department of Revenue.

Mailing Address
Department of Revenue
Division of Motor Vehicles
1881 Pierce Street
CO 80214

Form Link - https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/sites/default/files/DR2559.pdf

DMV Record Search Colorado

3. In-Person
– Either you can visit the main branch of DMV situated in Lakewood or you can visit one of the Colorado DMV licensing offices to get the driving record. Apart from filling the appropriate form and providing a copy of identity proof, you should also mention what type of record you are seeking. A fee of $9 and $10 will be charged for certified and non-certified records respectively. You can only make payment through cash or check.

4. Third-Party - You can also order DMV records by visiting third party websites. Typing Colorado DMV driving records search online would open several third party websites. Make sure the websites are authentic before proceeding to request DMV records. You can also contact third party agencies to get DMV records on your behalf. All these third party websites and agencies have different fee structures.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 18, 2021
Sensitive Information!