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How to Get Your DMV Record in Connecticut

When a person’s driving history is clean, he/she can enjoy several money-saving, as well as, other benefits. However, what is the way to find out whether your driving record is clean or not? The simplest means is to check the driver record periodically. DMV Record Search Connecticut is not a difficult thing to do and we will discuss it in this article.

On the outset, it is imperative to note that a motor vehicle report or driving record is considered a public record. As such, it is possible for the general public to conduct Connecticut DMV Records Search. Also, any offense stays on a driving record for three to ten years. The duration will depend on the kind of offense, as well as the state where you reside. A driving record includes the following:
  • Accidents
  • Identifying information such as name, address, and gender
  • Points, fines, DUIs, revocations, and suspensions
  • License classification, name, expiration date, and status
  • Traffic convictions and violations such as information related to traffic and speeding tickets

Connecticut DMV Record Search

Driving records are usually confidential

Many of you could be contemplating that if a driving record is a public, who can access their driving record’s copy? It depends on your state laws. However, being a public record does not essentially mean that any individual is free to see your driving record’s copy. Many states need the consent of the driver for releasing his/her record. On the other hand, some states require the individual requesting someone else’s driving record to have the latter’s private details such as license numbers.
Ways of Connecticut DMV Record Search


Approaching the DMV can be a great way to conduct the Connecticut DMV Public Record Search. A person can get their own driving record’s certified copy through in-person at a limited-service or full-service hub of DMV or via a mail. However, if you wish to obtain another person’s driving record copy, the request has to be sent only by mail.

Here are the steps to send your request by mail:

1. Click on the box requesting for Driving History

2. Fill up section one and then sign the application
3. Mention the applicable code
4. Fill up the “applicant section”. You will find it at the bottom part of the form and mention your telephone number
5. The check payable should be to “DMV” and the fee is 20 USD
6. Identification copy of the requestor
7. Mail the documents and completed form to DMV or Department of Motor Vehicles

Ideally, a person gets the driving history’s certified copy within 2 to 3 weeks from the receipt date

It is to be remembered that DMV does not accept payment through credit cards. If you are paying in person at the office of DMV, it should be only through a check, cash, debit or ATM card. Or money order. You will have to pay just 10 USD to get an official driving record based on the state. However, the charge for unofficial copies of your driving record is less.
DMV Record Search Connecticut

Online 3rd-party websites

Connecticut DMV Driving Record Search online is the fastest yet costliest way to get a driving record in the state. However, such records may not be reliable all the time. The accuracy and reliability of these reports can be less as compared to driving records from the insurance providers or DMV. You should check whether the seller has the ability to get an official driving record beforehand or not.

Auto insurance agents

It is another way to conduct the Connecticut DMV Record Search. Your driving report can be also accessed by auto insurance agents. These agencies will first review the information and then offer an unofficial driving record report. While all auto insurance agents may not do it, you may request your insurance agent to get you a complimentary copy of your official driving report.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 4, 2021
Sensitive Information!